Fluffiness is a state of mind

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileTwo days ago the hf started happily screaming and shouting something about some snow. Honestly, I had no idea what is she talking about because I have never seen snow in my life. Last year I spent the winter in a pet shop and they didn’t show me much from the outside world. So I couldn’t understand why she was so happy…

Then she showed me some white stuff on the ground in the garden. Of course, from behind the window… To me it looked just like some frozen rain and the other boys assured me it was only that. But apparently she goes crazy every time it snows in Belgium, which happens like once per year. So I think we are safe for the rest of the season!

Why I told you about the snow?! Because only the thought of frozen water and getting wet made me a little bit chill. And not only me. The rest of the gang feels the same. So, given the fact that the hf took a week of vacation to study for some strange language class (Dutch!!! When she should learn our language!) and she is at home with the radiator on, we took advantage of the situation, got fluffy ant went to sleep. We can pretend it’s cold inside and there is a lot of snow around just because our bedding is white…



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