Rumour has it…

guinea_pigs_tales_profile_kirkFirst of all, we are kind of sick of the long names we have to write when we refer to our humans. So Data proposed to use abbreviations. Or acronyms… As of today the human female will be hf and the human male will be hm. No capital letters needed as we haven’t decided yet if they deserve the or not.

Now, going back to our business for today, rumour has it that the hf has some crazy ideas regarding our penthouse. Apparently she is out of ideas concerning the decorations of their environment and considers doing something to our rooms. I just hope she won’t ruin what we already have because she has a great talent to this. Ruining, not building!

So, she was talking with the hm yesterday evening and told him she thinks of adding a kind of top floor to Spock & Data’s huge room and enlarging my own room. She is not very convinced with the top floor, but my room has, for sure, to get bigger as my but is the biggest one in the gang and I need more space to be able to appropriately display my beautiful bum.

But everything depends on finding the coroplast. Last time she bought it from a special shop and now she is trying to find out if those humans open their shop in this period of the year. The hf has a quiet period at work and she could go and get the coroplast. More, she has one week of vacation and she could spend that time doing the works. Is just that the hm will be out of country and I am afraid she can’t really handle the task. But let’s hope she won’t tear apart the current settings before making sure the new one is working.

Also, a lot depends on how well she will manage to fit in some puppy pads in our bedding set up. I’ve heard she ordered some in order to place them in the spots where we pee most and, instead of changing the whole bedding every two days, to change only those pads often. We’ll see and we’ll keep you posted.

As you can see, we are super busy supervising all this and making sure nothing goes wrong… Look, this is me being super busy!



And it was my first B-day…

My dears, I really apologise for yesterday but I was hangover due to too many pellets. I barely could move…

Now, do not worry! Nothing serious happened, just that so much food made me sleepy. And, even though I haven’t ate everything, just the thought of having so many pellets made me tired. Just because I had to cope with the urge of eating them all at ones… But I went for the wiser option, kept calm and had them in small amounts during the whole day. But enough with these pellets! They were not everything that happened on Sunday.

The celebration day started with the regular Sunday weighting (I know, no fun at all!) and with a complete cleaning of our rooms. The human female fed us and this was when I’ve got a bowl full of pellets instead of only one spoon. But not only me: the other three also benefited from the same treatment. Just look at Kirk how lazy he got! And the white part of the gang had some priceless looks when interupted.



In the afternoon I’ve got some floor time with Kirk. And a huge paper bag to play in. Filled with hay! Of course, the human female was in charge of taking photos.


After the play time in the big bag, I’ve got to cuddle in the new anorak and I must say the colour suits me well. I think the human managed to take some of the few photos where my eyes are differentiating from the rest of my shiny fur. After all, I am photogenic.


Now we are looking forward for Kirk’s birthday (over one month) and Spock’s one (1st of February). Unfortunately, after that, we would need to wait another 8 months and a half for the next celebration…

Happy birthday, Worf!

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileToday is Worf’s birthday. The one approximated by our humans after complex calculations… So, happy birthday dear Worf!

As I met him first and we also shared a room for a while, it is my duty to write something about him. Also, I think it’s a nice gesture given the fact that we need to mark the moment and Worf is too tired after the yesterday’s celebration. Because we’ve celebrated yesterday, as it was Sunday and humans were around.

Now I wonder what should I write about him?! I think everybody knows already that he is shyer than the rest of us, loves to cuddle in soft anoraks and is pellets addicted. We shared a small cage in the pet shop, I’ve tried to teach him how to impose himself in front of rabbits with no success and we came together in The Gang due to the fact that the human male fell for Worf’s white bum and decided I could no longer live in a pet shop.

Worf is a little geek who loves living on his own, although he doesn’t seem disturbed by sharing some floor time with Kirk. They even get along just fine, but sharing the same room may be problematic. He also loves to hide in blankets and other soft spots and refuses to leave the human female anorak whenever he gets there. Oh, and he is the only one who can stay one hour cuddling without peeing and pooping.

I’ll go check on him now and see if he could tell you how he partied all day long yesterday. But not before showing you a photo of Worf exploiting the human male and his laptop.


(FYI: We don’t know any of our birthdays, but the humans think we should all have a day of celebration per year. So, based on our weight and the stories told in the pet shops, we all got an approximate date of birth.)