It’s my birthday!

kirk_profile_2Yeah, humans! It’s my birthday! I turn two today! I am happy and I am expecting a lot of gifts. No one can refuse me anything today. Oh, I can really be a drama queen. I am super excited!

So, humans, come and bare gifts! I would like the following: veggies, celery leaf, veggies, pellets, more pellets. And I am sure you could find some other things suitable to be chewed by a VIP like me.

I am gorgeous and I know it! And it’s my birthday! So today I am the master of disaster. I look forward to seeing what the guys are giving me. With the humans it’s easy: it will be food. They are not very creative creatures…

I would love to write you more, but I must go now to ram around and be happy and bully Worf through the fence (once per year is allowed!). Oh, and I must eat to keep me fit. After all, 1.4 kilos need fuel.

By the way, Data prepared some photos with me since I was a pup. I just hope there is nothing embarrassing there…

Kirk 2yAm I gorgeous or what?!



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