How we became a gang

kirk_profile_2At some point, one of our readers said she would like to hear the story of how we became a gang. Although we’ve been very busy lately preparing the humans and the house for the baby to come, we thought this is a good day to write about this topic. So let’s start!

Beginning of 2013, the hf was living alone in an apartment in Brussels. Her flat mate just moved out, the hm was still in another country, but visiting from time to time. She realized she’s been missing a pet, so she started thinking what kind of furry friend she should bring in the house, but one that would be also fine with her schedule and life. A dog was out of question because she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving the animal alone in the apartment all day long. A cat was also little considered due to the fact that it climbs all over and the hm is a little bit allergic. Fish, turtles and other creatures (including a mouse for two weeks while in university) were tried and she was not in the mood for repeating the experience. A rabbit was also considered.

After one or two weeks of random research and a visit to pet shop just for the fun of it, she decided upon the smartest and the funniest furry creature, the guinea pig. (OK, we don’t let the humans to see that we are the smartest and let them believe the dolphins are, but this is only a cover until we take over the world.) She told her friends she would like to have two guinea pigs and they offered to bring them to her as a birthday gift. And the search started!

She said she would prefer two females, but ended up with the two of us, me (Kirk) and Spock. The funny part was that we were taken from the pet shop and transported to her by two of her male friends, exactly those two that have an issue with rodents. 😀 So just imagine how happy they were to handle us! Of course the guys in the pet shop gave the humans a super small cage for the two of us and the hf was a little bit lost in the beginning, but in time she managed to do a lot of research and learn more about us. This is us in the first weeks.

spock&kirk 2


Finally, our two super egos couldn’t bear anymore sharing the same room and we had to be separated. First we’ve got our normal pen divided in two, but after few weeks the hf decided there was under no circumstances enough space for us to be happy and she bought us another big cage. So, she ended up with 2m from a wall occupied by us. 😀 And the hm had to be grateful that when he moved in with us he still had some room where to accommodate his computer. Not what he dreamed, but the hf was very stubborn in her decision to keep us comfortable.

In the beginning the hm could not understand what the hf saw in us. He thought we are boring and do nothing the whole day, just stay hidden. But after he understood that we need time to get used with new people around us, he also discovered how funny we can be. This funny!


At the end of 2013 we were still using wood shavings as bedding and it was the hm task to get to the pet shop and buy the huge bags of 20 kilos. Beginning of December he noticed a completely white piggy with pink ears in the pet shop along with others. During weeks, all the others were bought except for this one. He even got to share a super small cage with rabbits. Every time the hm was passing buy, he saw the white piggy and started considering taking him home. The hf was reluctant because she thought there was no more space in the house.

But… It was her birthday in 2014 and the hm went to the same pet shop to buy wood shavings. And he saw the same white piggy, but this time he was with another shy one, all black and with a white bum. The hm male decided instantly that he has to have the black one, but that he also couldn’t let the white one in the pet shop anymore. So, he called the hf and informed her that he wants two new piggies. She took half of day off, went to the pet shop, checked their sex to be sure they are males and took them home. This is how Worf and Data looked in their first day in our home.


After that some changes in our habitat followed. And since we moved in a bigger apartment, Spock and Data are living together. The hf is even considering to let me share the room with Worf and to try this out soon.

Oh, this is us today:


DSCN3525This is our story. How about yours?



Spock’s mischiefs

Today we saw a comment on Facebook saying that Guinea Pigs are small creatures that can’t be blamed for mischiefs, like a rabbit for example. So, I’ve decided to tell you some stories about me and how “nice” I behave towards my humans.

In our old apartment and before sharing my room with Data, I used to get a lot of floor time in the living room. And our living room was a huge space of approximately 40sm filled with interesting things to chew. Of course, the humans realized this too late. 😀

Last year in August we moved. The hm was packing his surround system, pulling a speaker and its cable from the bookshelf. At some point he rolls up his eyes and shouts Evrika! The hf comes quickly to check if he discovered a new America. But no! It was just the realization of the fact that one speaker was not functioning because someone chewed its cable. Let’s not say who that someone was…

One evening the hm calls the hf while she was heading home. He says: “Come home! I’ll kick yours and Spock’s backs!”. She says calmly (with a grin on her face): oh, he ate your headset! Of course I did! I mean they left the headset on the couch, unsupervised. So there was a tasty cable under my nose and I just couldn’t let it pass. And I picked the most complicated place to chew, where all the cables connected, so a reparation was out of question. Oh, I forgot to mention they were quite expensive ones. 😀

Next, the printer used to be on the floor and the paper tray was opened at the back. At some point the hm prints a boarding pass and is astonished by the nice bordure that the paper has on one end. Then he realizes it was me again who did that nice pattern.

But the most crazy thing I used to do was claiming my couch. So, the humans have a couch that can be split in two. One particular side of it was always close to my room and I always had the opportunity to get out and take a walk on it. So I’ve kinda got used with the fact that it was mine. Just the hf got to sit on it and I was used seeing her there when at home. Last summer she left for one week and the hm moved on that side of the couch because it was more comfortable to watch the football games. I’d got so upset that I used to go out and shout at him. I gave up only when he moved back on his side of the couch.

Although I share my life with Data now and I spend less time on the couch, I still claim it as mine. If we have guests that occupy it for more than few nights, I get out and spy on them hopping that my red eyes will scare them and make them leave.

The secret to get clear with all this is to look as innocent as possible.


So, whenever someone says a guinea pig is a boring creature, just refer them to this page.

A huuuuge carrot

worf_profile_2We trained our humans to be much organised in regards with our menu and grocery shopping. So they both take turns in going to the supermarket and grocery’ lists are something common in our house. And usually on Fridays is the hm’s turn to buy fresh veggies for us for over the week-end.

Last Friday the hf prepared the list and, as we pass through a period in which we don’t really enjoy bell peppers, she thought of giving us more from the other veggies. For Saturday evening we had planned carrots and pepper, so she wrote on the list: one yellow bell pepper and one “biiiiig carrot”. This is what the hm male brought home! Trust me that cucumber is a normal one and the fork also.


So we’ve got each one quarter of a huge carrot. It was difficult to handle, but we’ve managed.