Just an ordinary Sunday

data_profile_2Saturday we had a day without computer. Not an ordinary day for some social media addicted as we are, but we’ve decided we needed a break. And Sunday continued almost the same…  We’ve spent time with the hf, gave Spock his birthday gift, and took photos. Well, mainly just chilling like in any ordinary Sunday.

Still, we’ve checked our blog and found a spam message from a guy or lady that pretends it can write “unlimited content for our blog; 100% unique and human readable”. Really?! I mean I am super intrigued by this “human readable” thing… I thought my English is good enough for humans to understand it. I realize that my conversations with Spock can sound like some cluck for the humans, but I’m pretty sure this blog is written in a language that a lot of people can understand. I’ll talk to the guys.

Coming back to our Sunday! Spock got as a present a paper bag from The Hard Rock Café in London. I’ve heard the hm almost refused the bag, but the hf was shouting behind him “We’ll take it! It’s for Spock!”. Apparently the guy from the counter just stopped struggling to understand what was happening and our humans managed to get out before anyone could alert the authorities. We really enjoyed the bag: big enough to suit us both and a pile of hay!


In the meanwhile, Kirk and Worf got some floor time together. But they both chose to sleep on a blanket.


The conclusions of the day?! Two of them…

  1. A paper bag is better than any wood house, furry tunnel and other fancy accessories.
  2. If we have to choose between running like crazy in the house and sleeping on a fleece, we will choose the second option. But we are not lazy!

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