Just an ordinary Sunday

data_profile_2Saturday we had a day without computer. Not an ordinary day for some social media addicted as we are, but we’ve decided we needed a break. And Sunday continued almost the same…  We’ve spent time with the hf, gave Spock his birthday gift, and took photos. Well, mainly just chilling like in any ordinary Sunday.

Still, we’ve checked our blog and found a spam message from a guy or lady that pretends it can write “unlimited content for our blog; 100% unique and human readable”. Really?! I mean I am super intrigued by this “human readable” thing… I thought my English is good enough for humans to understand it. I realize that my conversations with Spock can sound like some cluck for the humans, but I’m pretty sure this blog is written in a language that a lot of people can understand. I’ll talk to the guys.

Coming back to our Sunday! Spock got as a present a paper bag from The Hard Rock Café in London. I’ve heard the hm almost refused the bag, but the hf was shouting behind him “We’ll take it! It’s for Spock!”. Apparently the guy from the counter just stopped struggling to understand what was happening and our humans managed to get out before anyone could alert the authorities. We really enjoyed the bag: big enough to suit us both and a pile of hay!


In the meanwhile, Kirk and Worf got some floor time together. But they both chose to sleep on a blanket.


The conclusions of the day?! Two of them…

  1. A paper bag is better than any wood house, furry tunnel and other fancy accessories.
  2. If we have to choose between running like crazy in the house and sleeping on a fleece, we will choose the second option. But we are not lazy!

We’ve got tunnels!

spock_profile_2Don’t get upset with us, we haven’t forgot about what we’d promised on Facebook or about my birthday (yeah, I still need to celebrate), but we were busy babysitting the humans. They had this weird wish of visiting London and they came back with a super nice cold, so I had to supervise them and make sure they get plenty of rest, tea and soup. But yesterday evening I saw signs of improvements, so I took the time to write you this based on one movie Data did few days ago.

So, Worf really likes to cuddle in the hf’s anorak. And he asks to be taken and held in the anorak. The hf decided he could use a tunnel with some artificial fur inside just to keep him worm during the day while no one is at home. Although the hm was skeptical, she ordered two tunnels thinking that maybe Kirk would be also interested. For us was not considered as we all know we tend to make a huge mess of everything.

The tunnels arrived; Kirk and Worf each received one. Kirk took it over immediately, Worf needed time to check it out and decided if it’s safe or not. But the hf convinced him with some pellets placed inside it and after that he spent a lot of time sleeping inside it. The hm insisted we should also get one, so one rainy afternoon the hf took a half an hour walk and went to a pet shop to buy us one. And she realized she bought the ones on Internet at over price. But we deserve the best!

We like our tunnels, Worf loves his. We also use them as a play ground, hiding place, rolling toy and whatever else crosses our minds.

P.S. If your humans get a cold, just make sure to visit them often and cuddle with them. It helps!