How to look innocent

data_profile_2When Spock decided he could share a room with me, the humans were a little bit shocked. First because they never expected Spock to tolerate some other piggy so close to him, and second because they had no idea what kind of personality I have. I mean I was always bullying Worf, but towards Spock I presented myself submissive.

Next human thought was that maybe Spock will learn something from me, will become less agitated and more willing to accept cuddles. Well… Let’s just say it was not the case. He managed to teach me how to get out on the couch in the first two hours. And since then I’ve learned a lot of other interesting stuff, but Spock is still agitated and not willing to cuddle for more than 30 seconds (but you need to get him first!).

Now, the humans still think I am the innocent one and that Spock is teaching me mischief. The truth is I just know how to look and play innocent. For example, whenever Spock is growling and playing the dominant, I put up my crying voice and it sounds like I’m in distress. True, lately I can’t help myself popcorning while playing this game with him, so the humans are less and less inclined to jump and help me.

And whenever the humans are not around, I play the dominant with him, so he needs to run and hide. Oh, and you think he’s the only one pulling and pushing the wood house while I am inside?! Well, check twice, I also do this but only when the humans are not around. Although I believe they stopped pitying me a while ago when they realized I am happy and popcorning actually.

But the funniest thing is about the food. I always take a piece and hide in a wood house and the humans think I have traumas from the four months spent in a pet shop with rabbits. Just that… it’s not quite that. It’s just that I like to still food from under Spock’s nose. And sometimes I don’t run with it, I just eat it on the spot. Like with some celery…

caught in the act

So, the secret is to look and sound innocent.  😀


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