Data's tales

Our first trip in the garden

data_profile_2Well, apparently we are passing through a period of firsts. Among these first times was also a walk in the garden to get by ourselves the grass.

First to get out was Worf, who froze in the middle of the grass. He started moving only when the hf went and comfort him a little. Then Kirk arrived. He fast saw the grass and took the opportunity to gain some grams. Of course Worf got some courage and followed.

Then the hm brought me outside and put me opposite Worf and Kirk hoping we wouldn’t meet. Spock followed shortly. And he did what he does best: acted like no ordinary guinea pig. He started to explore the garden, checked the corners and other plants. Of course I followed him, so we were pretty busy site seeing instead of consuming grass.

At some point Kirk realized we were there also and he started moving towards us. The humans managed to avoid a meeting between him and Spock, but not to stop me getting in his way. A little fight burst out between the two of us and a wisp of fur was lost in the wind (the owner remains unidentified). But we ended up just fine.

So, to sum up: we had some grass, took some nice photos (see below), I picked a fight with Kirk, Spock explored the garden and Worf didn’t bother with anything else except chewing grass.

grass_dat_spock grass_worf_kirk

Too bad the weather in Belgium is mostly rainy and we can’t get that often in the garden.

Oh, by the way, there are some video records from this trip but they still need to be processed.

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First water melon of the season

kirk_profile_2We have a varied diet. At least our humans are trying hard to offer us this. But sometimes is difficult due to the local suppliers. For example, finding kale or radicchio can be a real challenge for the hf. But she knows she needs to diversify according to the season, so she really searches veggies and fruits that we would enjoy.

The other the day she was out with the baby and entered a supermarket to search for kale. Usually they have it but lately they are going through a renovation and their stock was a little bit reduced. Of course there was no kale. Nor radicchio. But she found water melon. And she thought it got cheap enough to buy one.

So she brought home a small water melon and offered us along with some spinach. Worf and me ate it normally. I mean it’s just melon and the human will provide more for us. I’m pretty sure of this. So no rush, no need to hide with it.


But Spock and Data did what they know best… Data tried to hide a piece in a wood house, but Spock caught him and he was forced to share. Or maybe Data was just trying to offer the chunk to Spock. I have no idea.


The truth is that we enjoyed our melon and we are looking forward for the next portion. Also we are very curious to see what other season fruits and veggies we will receive.

P.S. The photos of Spock and Data after they had the melon are censored (they look like they just had some blood).

Spock's tales

Human, give me back my hay!

spock_profile_2I am mad! Or crazy! Or whatever… And it’s just because this hf drives me crazy. But let me tell you why.

So, we love the hay. To eat or to play in it, we need to have hay. We get it twice per day and usually half of the ratio is eaten and half is used for other purposes. No, we don’t smoke it! Or at least we don’t admit doing it. What else can you do with the hay except chewing it?! Well, Data and me particularly like to pull it down and sleep on top of it.

But the hf thinks it gets filthy and insists in removing the pad every evening and cleaning the hay pile. I have no clue where she gets this idea that the pile of hay gets stinky! It is true that we pee and poop on top of it, but this is no valid argument for the accusation. Moreover, I thought that if she would be busy with the baby, she would forget about this and we would get to keep our “dirty hay”.

Why am I mad about this?! Because every evening, when I would prefer going to sleep on top of my hay pile, I must spend precious time pulling the hay down. OK, Data does help me, but still I consume calories. And i don’t like being accused of filthiness.

But I’ll prove you with photos! First the pile right before she removes it.


Next, one of us on top of the hay. Do we look stinky?!


Just because I’m convinced I’m right, I’ve asked Data to put together a video. Maybe the hf will watch it and learn something!

I think I’ll send her to see a shrink!

Spock's tales

The first harvest

spock_profile_2We’ve told you at some point that we have a little yard where the hf planted grass just for us. She tried hard to have a nice lawn but after few attempts she realized it is almost impossible because our back yard is in the shadow. Still there is a nice space with long grass.

The plan was that from time to time we would get to go out and trim the lawn. Unfortunately, the weather in Belgium is not very suitable for this, especially that we are used with a dry home and a nice temperature. It is raining a lot and the soil is wet. Moreover, we are afraid we’ll get super dirty.

So, we have grass but no access to it. What can be done? Especially when there is a baby in the house and she sticks to the hf like she is glued or something. We almost lost any hope of tasting that grass in the next few months. Until two days ago!

Apparently this baby likes guinea pigs because at some point she decided to give a break to the hf. This way our faithful servant got 20 minutes to go out, cut some grass and bring it to us for dinner. Of course we’ve asked for photos! And this is what she caught on camera.



I must admit: the grass is good. We are waiting for the next portion.



worf_profile_2Since the baby was born, our feeding schedule became hectic. First we were left for four days at home only with the hm and he is not a model of respecting our feeding times, then the hf came at home but she was always with the baby so we still had to be fed by him, whenever he decided to wake up.

You can imagine we were affected by all this and not having the same number of hours between breakfast and dinner made us eat less or finish everything, depending on the day. At some point I became worried that this would last for ages. But apparently we will be back to some order.

In the meanwhile, I and Kirk decided to be empathic with the baby. I mean she needs to gain weight, so we should support her and do the same. When the hm is feeding us, we can trick him into giving us more pellets and our plan is doable. I’ve gained 50 grams and Kirk around another 30, so he passed the 1.450 kilo milestone.

But the hf gets more and more often out of the bedroom and she insists in resuming a part of her duties, including feeding and checking on us. So it is more and more difficult to get supplementary food. Moreover she is reducing the quantities we are receiving, which is not good. We need to make a plan to balance this attitude. Too bad Data and Spock are not into this: they are having a constant weight of 1.200 kilos.

Do you have any ideas how we could get more food? My cute face is of no help…