worf_profile_2Since the baby was born, our feeding schedule became hectic. First we were left for four days at home only with the hm and he is not a model of respecting our feeding times, then the hf came at home but she was always with the baby so we still had to be fed by him, whenever he decided to wake up.

You can imagine we were affected by all this and not having the same number of hours between breakfast and dinner made us eat less or finish everything, depending on the day. At some point I became worried that this would last for ages. But apparently we will be back to some order.

In the meanwhile, I and Kirk decided to be empathic with the baby. I mean she needs to gain weight, so we should support her and do the same. When the hm is feeding us, we can trick him into giving us more pellets and our plan is doable. I’ve gained 50 grams and Kirk around another 30, so he passed the 1.450 kilo milestone.

But the hf gets more and more often out of the bedroom and she insists in resuming a part of her duties, including feeding and checking on us. So it is more and more difficult to get supplementary food. Moreover she is reducing the quantities we are receiving, which is not good. We need to make a plan to balance this attitude. Too bad Data and Spock are not into this: they are having a constant weight of 1.200 kilos.

Do you have any ideas how we could get more food? My cute face is of no help…



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