Our first trip in the garden

data_profile_2Well, apparently we are passing through a period of firsts. Among these first times was also a walk in the garden to get by ourselves the grass.

First to get out was Worf, who froze in the middle of the grass. He started moving only when the hf went and comfort him a little. Then Kirk arrived. He fast saw the grass and took the opportunity to gain some grams. Of course Worf got some courage and followed.

Then the hm brought me outside and put me opposite Worf and Kirk hoping we wouldn’t meet. Spock followed shortly. And he did what he does best: acted like no ordinary guinea pig. He started to explore the garden, checked the corners and other plants. Of course I followed him, so we were pretty busy site seeing instead of consuming grass.

At some point Kirk realized we were there also and he started moving towards us. The humans managed to avoid a meeting between him and Spock, but not to stop me getting in his way. A little fight burst out between the two of us and a wisp of fur was lost in the wind (the owner remains unidentified). But we ended up just fine.

So, to sum up: we had some grass, took some nice photos (see below), I picked a fight with Kirk, Spock explored the garden and Worf didn’t bother with anything else except chewing grass.

grass_dat_spock grass_worf_kirk

Too bad the weather in Belgium is mostly rainy and we can’t get that often in the garden.

Oh, by the way, there are some video records from this trip but they still need to be processed.


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