Why? Oh, why?

spock_profile_2Few days ago Data looked at me and started laughing. I had no idea why and when I asked he just turned his back on me and went back to sleep. I thought he had a bad dream and forgot about it.

But then I’ve heard Kirk and Worf gossiping in the other room (they really think that the white opaque wall between us blocks also the sound…). They were saying that I went crazy regarding my origins and tried to compensate for the lack of distinguish signs. I had no idea what they were talking about.

So a complete mystery that got solved when I saw one of the photos taken by the humans. Apparently I put my nose in something and I have a big stain on it. Probably it is from sniffing around in the garden or from grubbing in the hay. The point is that I have a yellowish stain on my snout that looks exactly like the Himalayans marks.

And then I understood… I have some Himalayans genes, but they are light so I only sport a grey front paw and grey ears. And the three bullies thought I put my nose in something just to brag about my origins. Jeez! They have no idea about these things! I mean I’m fine just with my grey ears and my flamboyant personality.

This is what made them laugh.


I hope they were happy for a while.


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