Big announcement!

data_profile_2Ta da da dam! We have an announcement to make and as I am the social media responsible, it’s on me!

So, my dear all, we have thought a lot and realized our knowledge should be passed to more humans to insure the proper care of our specie. We are seeing a lot of cases of Guinea Pigs abandoned, poorly cared for etc. and we’ve decided to do something about it. First step will be to write down a guide with general guide lines of how to take care of us. We will try to make it funny so that any human can understand it. I know it’s difficult for them to stay focused, so it is a real challenge to do so. We hope it will be finished by the end of August… Oh, and if there will be any income from this, most probably it will be donated to a Guinea Pigs’ rescue.

Next, not to stay so serious about life, we are planning a series of interviews with other piggies. Probably you will have a new funny story every Monday. We are now contacting piggies all around the world and try to convince them to participate and, most difficult, to share with us funny stories about their humans. If our hf behaves, maybe we will let her interview some other humans and post on our blog also. Oh, by the way, we are strating with a lady next Monday. 😀

Now this was a serious post! I’m not used with something like this… So I’ll end it up with a funny photo of me.



2 thoughts on “Big announcement!

  1. This is great! I have not had guinea pigs for many years, and am thinking about getting a pair this summer…If I do, am sure the blog will be very, very helpful. Thank you!

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