The Naked Truth

spock_profile_2Almost one year ago the hf was making fun of me regarding my habit of piling up the food and hide it just because I was afraid someone would steal it, although I was living alone. You can find the original post here.

In the meanwhile I’m living with Data and I kept my habit. The humans are still making fun of me but now I have the prove that I’m not that crazy and that my food is being stolen with premeditation.

Surprisingly, the hf was more interested in capturing the scene than helping me! She shall pay! Please notice the planning and the diversion he came up with…

You see how tough it’s my life?!


2 thoughts on “The Naked Truth

  1. Oh dear Spock, It must be difficult having to live with such a persistent companion when all you want is some peace and quiet whilst enjoying your fennel. Infact, I have a piggy boy who would know how you feel, his friend is always stealing the food right from under his nose.

    1. OK now! Let’s clear some things! I am the sweetest boy ever. I steall his food for fun and to revenge for those many times when he kicks me out of my tunnel and my wood house. And, of course, for the timeas when he steals my food too… – Data

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