Interview with Seppo (Schweinebande)


For today we’ve prepared an interview with a handsome German male who spends his days with several females. I would say he is a lucky one, but apparantly the ladies can be a pain in the bum with all their chit-chatting.

Of course the honour was mine, as I am the truly handsome one in our gang. (Don’t tell Kirk I said so!)

Worf: Could you, please tell us something about you? Like a short introduction – date of birth, place, race…

Seppo: My full name is Seppo Agent Gibbs (I am of course really intelligent so this name fits perfect 😉 ) but they just call me Seppo :) . I was born in November 2010 and lived the first months in a childrens room with my sister and our baby. Then we came to a cavy shelter of a nice young woman who looked for forever homes for all of us. In July 2011 I was brought to my new biped. I have met my new nice ladies and we became the Schweinebande. 🙂


Worf: Nice name for your gang! Tell me more about your human. Was it difficult to train her to respond promptly to your needs?

Seppo: No. Our biped is clever and she knows what a piggy wants. 🙂 Moreover she is veeeery influenceable by wide saaaad piggy eyes. 😉 You only have to look a bit suffering and you will get everything you wish. Humans are so easy to train. 😉

Worf: Yes, you are right. My humans still consider me “the little one” although I gained weight and I’m bigger than the two white ones… But back to you! You are living the dream of any guinea pig male: living with a harem. How is it like to live with four ladies?

Seppo: Sometimes it’s a bit stressful because all of my ladies want to have time with me without the others. I’m never alone in my house. 😉 Apart from that I love the life with them. 🙂 I never want to be alone.


Worf: Too bad you had to pay the price for this to happend! I understand you’ve been neutered before you joined the herd. How did they managed to convince you ? (I mean I don’t think I would ever accept something like this…)

Seppo: I was neutered in the cavy shelter. To be honest, yes, first I was shocked. But they said: Either you will be neutered and get some ladies or you will join a group of piggy boys. Urgs, boy group… No, I have choosen the ladies. 😉 Furthermore I already had two little babys with my sister at that time and so I agreed to be neutered.

Worf: Let’s talk about very important things for a guinea pig. What is your favorite food? And activity?

Seppo: I love love love grass. 🙂 And melon… and apple…. and herbs….. and seeds……and cucumber…. oh, I love every food. 🙂 Activity? I only like to relax and sleep. 🙂

Worf: Well you have quite a life! In the end, before you go back to your meadow and your ladies, tell me something funny about you.

Seppo: I like pink pillows… I know that this is a “girl colour”…. But I love pink. I never sleep in a house that has a pillow with another colour. My biped takes care that there is always a pink pillow in MY house. If not I sleep in the house where the pink pillow is. 😉

Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of Seppo and his pink pillow, but we have one of him and some flowers. 😀



One thought on “Interview with Seppo (Schweinebande)

  1. omg this photo with the flowers is simply the epitome of all that I love about guinea pigs!!! Applause 😀

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