Humans went to Paris

kirk_profile_2We’ve told you before and we are repeating: humans are weird! And understanding them is the secret key to a happy life. Because if you release the leash a little bit they have the impression of freedom and they come back to us more energetic.

So, we said nothing few months ago when our humans booked tickets to Paris for two days. We had a feeling it won’t be a good idea given the fact the baby was too small and the weather too hot, but we kept our mouths shut. Our only concern was who was going to feed us those two days. But the hf found a reliable person…

That colleague of her had no idea about veggie portioning so we’ve got plenty of them. Also true for the pellets. The fun part was that she was not cleaning our cages too, so on Friday evening when the humans came back we had piles of leftovers in our pens. Thanks all gods the hf was busy with the baby and the hm forgot to mention this to her.

The two days at home without the humans were very useful for us because we finally got some time on our own. Lately, due to the baby, the hf is always around and we had no time to listen to our thoughts. So we took the chance and analyzed our feelings regarding the little biped. We must admit that even if it was a little bit shocking in the beginning, now it gets better. And starting September they will be out of the house during the day so we go back to some normality.

Now we’ve found the photos from Paris in her laptop and I must admit I have no idea why someone would leave home for two days just to see a bunch of iron pieces…



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