Unforeseen bath

worf_profile_2Today is Sunday. All over the planet, including Europe. We do not worship any god in particular, but still we believe that Sundays should be calm, relaxed and without fuss. Well, good for us! Because the hf has a different opinion…

This Sunday started normal, with the hf coming out from the bedroom a little bit too late for our breakfast. Moreover, she insisted weighting us before giving the veggies. We are somehow used with this, so we said nothing. Then the baby asked for attention and we continued our life with some sleep, roaming around and other guinea pigs’ activities.

Around noon I’ve heard something worrying: she was thinking of giving us a bath. First I thought it was an illusion or a joke. But no! She really planned everything, delegated the baby task to the hm and started by picking up our wood houses in order to wash them. Without our wood houses life was quite horrible. I mean how can she imagine I could possibly eat my hay?! Climbing the wall?! I am used of eating it while sitting on top of my house…

Kirk and I were the first for the bath. But she tried to fool us by taking us in the garden while she cleaned our room. And then she took Kirk. I’ve tried to help him, but it was useless. In 10 minutes she was back for me. The tunnels were also taken and instead all of our effects we’ve got some paper bags. Outrageous!



Of course that Data and Spock were the next ones…


So, this is how we’ve spent our Sunday? How about you?

P.S. We are hoping to get back our houses and tunnels by latest tomorrow morning. Could you sign a petition to help us?


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