Proper preparation

data_profile_2Oh no! As much as we plan it seems we don’t get to write as often as we would like. But lets give it another try…

The humans get the supplies for us from different sources. The main one is the supermarket, of course, from where the fresh vegetables come. Lately we need to share them with the bh, but she eats less than one of us so it’s fine.

Usually the hf comes home with a huge bag of veggies that is enough for few days. On Fridays is the hm’s turn to do the groceries and he buys also beer along with our food. Still for us they get fresh water.

They even thought of taking us to the store and dropping us in the celery box while they are shopping. I think they are crazy to believe no other human would notice us and take us home (we are that cute!).

The dry food comes from an online shop. And some of the pads used in our rooms. Last week we had a situation when we’ve noticed our dry food was almost finished and nobody placed a new order. We were already planning the revenge when the food was delivered. The humans were lucky!

But I wanted to tell about the hay, not about what distracted me… And food is always a distraction!

So right before going back to work the hf decided we need to stock food in case her life would turn that chaotic that she wouldn’t be able to follow up with our needs. The veggies are just around the corner, but the hay from that source is not awesome. And we deserve the best!

The hf went wild and bought an entire bale just for us. Of course it was ordered online and the delivery guy was somehow shocked to drop that to our door. We’ve managed to consume almost a half of it in one month and a good part got on the floor but we are good for another month or so.

Now this is what I mean when I say “proper preparation”! I just hope they will do the same for my birthday which is in 2 weeks.

Please excuse me now but I need to go chew some hay!WP_20150930_001


We are back!

spock_profile_2At least, I hope so…

Our past weeks were very hectic, mainly due to the humans’ state of mind. The hf especially needed a lot of support and assistance. I know they are here to serve us, but somehow we are emotionally attached to her and we felt the need of helping them get through a tough period.

What happened?! The hf went back to work and the baby was put in a day care. You can just imagine the amount of separation anxiety existing in our house. We hoped our lives will somehow get back to normal starting 1st of September and that we would have more time to use the laptop… But, instead, we had to come up with plans to keep her sane, to instruct the hm how he could help and to train the human baby (hb from now on) to be more independent faster.

We did a good job with the hb. It took us a while to decide who should be the main influence in her life, but at some point we realized we could take turns depending on the period.  Given the fact that getting mobile should be a priority for her, I got the chance to be the first mentor. And this is how we’ve got a 5 months old baby that gets more and more independent, crawls and even chit chats sometimes.

Regarding the adults, I can say that we are now closer to a rhythm and the hf seems better although she keeps complaining that her life is on fast forward lately. She got back to having breakfast with us in the morning, cleaning our rooms in the evening and even cuddling us. This is actually funny because she waits for the baby to fall asleep at around 8pm and then comes fast to play with us.

Except for this very busy part of our lives in which we play the therapist, we somehow managed to keep an eye on social media. And it was with great sadness that we found out of the death of HRH King Arlo. We were shocked and we would like to extend our condolences to his family.

Also, we would like to send our positive thoughts and wish the best to Twinkie, Fluffy, Kiwi and their humans.

Now, trying to put aside this sad note, just look what a nice pillow a piece of cucumber can be. The secret is to carve it in a fashionable way.