Do I look like a pancake?


worf_profile_2Facebook is full of photos of piggies claiming they look like pancakes. True, they are really flat and they look ready to impress the humans, so I’ve told myself that I should try. The point was to get more pellets.
I’m not very good at getting flat. I need to be ready to claim my food from Kirk so I am always alert. Also trying to change your habits can be difficult: you need to train your mind to act in a certain way.
Some of my attempts were not successful, but at least I was cute. But others were such a success that it took me a while to convince the hf not to disclosure the photos. I wasn’t ready to admit I wasn’t always looking as a perfect pancake.
I will still practice of course, but I finally understood I’m pretty cute even when I don’t manage to look like a pancake.






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