kirk_profile_2We said we were back… And we were. Just that not everything goes as planned. In our case Spock got sick.

12 days ago, exactly for Data’s birthday, Spock looked shaggy and was not at all interested in food. That was on a Friday. And it went like this for the weekend. On Monday morning when the hf weighed him he already lost 200g. We all panicked. Yes, me included, although we were not very good friends and he bit me 2 years ago.

So later that day he ended up in the emergency room. Unfortunately our vet wasn’t on call end the resident gave him only some probiotic. That didn’t really work and on Wednesday he went back to see our usual vet. She thought he has some pain in his jaw, but decided not to do anything too radical unless he was stable. He came home with a prescription for painkillers and with the hope that he would start eating in order to be strong enough for the gas and a teeth trimming and an X-ray.

The hf was devastated. She was continually crying and telling him that his time was not there yet. I think that was the moment when we realized it was serious. And Data took on him to help Spock. So instead hiding with his food in a separate house, he was taking it to Spock and ate with him.

Finally today Spock ate almost normal. So he can go through a thorough check up tomorrow. Although the vet assured us that she would gas him and not put him under GA, we are still worried. Especially the hf because she couldn’t take a day off to go with him and the hm would take him there.

We all hope it will go well and he will return home. And with an answer regarding the source of his pain. We will keep you posted.

I will end this post with a photo of the two white guys sleeping in their tunnels.



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