I survived!

I heard my pals already informed all our fans that I was sick. And I thank to all of you for the best wishes and positive thoughts. I am fine now, but still not willing to cut some slack to my humans. And I’ll tell you why…

Last year when we moved in the new apartment and I got Data as a roommate I really thought my life was going linear. I was already dreaming about all the mischief I would do, I was happy I still had my couch and that the hf was almost a perfect servant.

But at some point she brought home a little human, the one known as the bh. And this little creature became our main point of interest. The purpose was to train her to become a faithful servant. But apparently there is a long way to that moment in time.

But that’s not the issue.. The thing is that in her first month of life I rarely saw the hf so there was no reason to mischief because I was not impressing anyone. Afterwards the couch became the property of the hb during the day. That was somehow unacceptable but I sacrificed myself because I knew I had to teach her stuff. And when finally things seemed to go back to normal the humans put me in the hospital for a day and let the vet to gas me.

Spending some hours in the hospital without Data was really frightening but don’t tell him I said so. The good news is that when I returned home I realised the hb is a bigger brat than me. This made my day! I was so impressed that I forgot I was in pain and chewed pellets like nothing happened. She must have learned from the best. 😀

What I really want to say is that after months of boycotting the couch (because there was no room for me anymore!) lately I’ve started to take my nose out of my room and shyly step back on it. Especially when there is food around. Data helps alot by stealing paper and bring it inside our penthouse. I still need to solve the issue of the smell: when the humans are changing the baby ‘s diaper, the smell from her poop is almost unbearable. She eats veggies as we do, but the result is way different!spock_profile_2

To conclude, I’m fine and planning for more nasty things.


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