Keep your poop away from baby humans!

data_profile_2Or keep the baby humans away from your poop… Or rephrase according to the situation from your house.

We’ve already told you some stories about the human baby sharing the house with us. She took a lot after Spock, so she is naughty and of course everything starts when the other inhabitants would just like to crash somewhere and do nothing. That includes us too! Watching for a baby is a difficult thing to do and we all contribute to that, especially since we need to keep our stuff safe (the personal fur included!).

Now you may wonder what such little creature can do to us… Let me enumerate some for you!

Well, she really grabbed a handful of my hair at some point. I was not really damaged and since then the humans keep us away from her (or her away from us, depending on the situation J ).

She starts making noise when we are all calm and having a siesta: yesterday evening she was smashing two thick glass pots, so imagine that !

She always tries to get in our hay bag and eat from it. When the humans manage to prevent this, she gets under our pen and gets to the hay that fells on the floor.

Recently she even managed to steal one pellet and tried it. Imagine how she looked after! Her little face was all dirty. And imagine the face of the adults: they had no idea if it was a poop or a pellet…

Honestly, at 19:30 when she goes to bed it’s a relieve for us! She’s lucky she’s cute and Spock really invested a lot in her. If not, we would have already convinced the humans to get rid of her.

Sorry, I must go and find new ways of keeping myself away from her.


Big brother

spock_profile_2Our life changed a lot since the little human rascal joined our home. She is a very demanding creature that takes a lot from the time our hf used to spend with us. But she’s lucky that she’s super cute. And that she follows my steps exactly. 😀

You know, the humans have this weird thing of trying to realize with whom does the baby resemble. Mainly it is about physical aspects, but some of them are that crazy that go deeper and try to figure it out also in terms of personality. Well… In our family the adults don’t seem to be that crazy (in this particular case!) because they don’t even bother to check and compare her little face with those of the other family members. Of course, grandparents do this and each of them believes it resembles with them, but they don’t live with us so we don’t have to listen to them every day.

So, our humans don’t really care if she has the eyes of the father or the mouth of the mother (she “speaks” a lot though…). But, in terms of personality, they’ve noticed without effort that she resembles with ME! Yes, with ME, Spock, the crazy little piggy! Well, I do not believe I’m crazy, but they think I am. In a funny, positive way of course. Coming back to the little rascal, apparently she is as super active as I am and she can’t stay still for a moment. And none of the adults were like this as babies. She climbs everywhere, dives in our huge hay bag, spreads around our (clean) pads etc. She even chews on papers and cables.

Now I must say I am very proud of her. And of me, of course! Because I’ve managed to be a good influence in her life, to teach her a lot of good things (how to still things from the others included 😀 ). After all, I am one of the four big brothers in the house.

But all this comes with a down side also… Between Christmas and beginning of January she was at home. All day long. Thanks to the-all-mighty-guinea-pig-god that the adults also! And she loves to watch us and be close to us. She is not yet allowed to touch us. So she was just always pulling the fence of our pen and creating holes through which Kirk and Worf could have fallen. Christmas day in the evening – the hf was literally in our pens trying to secure them.

You would think that solved the issue… But no! The little rascal found the door to our pen (the one that allows Data and I to get on the couch) and learned how to get inside. She even stole a chunk of fennel! To give us back our privacy, the hf was forced to close that door. Imagine that! The door was closed to prevent someone to get in, not because we could get out! Amazing… Thanks to the same all-mighty-guinea-pig-god that when the holidays were over the door was opened once again.

Now, we have a lot of photos proving all that I’m saying, but we made a pact not to put her little face on the Internet yet. So you will have to believe me based on this very shady photo.