Praise our slave !

spock_profile_2Recently we’ve seen a very nice photo with a corner of the hf’s desk. (You know, she has a job so she earns money to pay for our caprices and bio food.) Well, imagine that! She has FIVE photos of The Gang and only one with The Little Rascal. Not that she shouldn’t have photos with her , just that we are there too! Five, yes?!

Oh, and if you ask yourselves how we got to this photo, let’s just say the her mobile phone is not safe with us.



Our life is a mess!

kirk_profile_2I’ve spent a lot of time lately to think about our lives. Why?! Because we don’t seem to get inspiration and/or time to write more frequently on this blog. And the conclusions are not pleasing me!

First of all, our main servant, the hm, is losing it! Totally, not only partially! She forgets to do the shopping lists, brings home passed veggies just because she doesn’t have the time to go to a better shop, doesn’t charge her our laptop and so on and so forth. To be honest, I am a little bit disappointed but my inner psychoanalyst advises not to take action because I might be doing more harm. The idea of her having a burn out doesn’t seem funny at all…

Next, the other human servant, the hm, keeps on sleeping on Spock’s couch. So Spock keeps ranting about this. Moreover, as the little human rascal learned how to use the door to his room to go in, the adults closed that opening and now he has another reason for ranting. And he and Data can be very loud!

The little human rascal somehow thinks is funny to steal our food. She did not stop at that fennel few weeks ago, but now she is helping herself with green celery and pellets. And she seems very happy to see us moving, so whenever we are sleeping close to the fence she comes and tries to touch us. Outrageous! Not to mention that she likes to pick up our tunnels and munch on them. Well, maybe somebody should inform her that we pee and poop on those tunnels…

On top of everything, the weather is nasty and our garden looks awful. No fresh grass for us. I just hope the hf didn’t’ forgot to order some seeds to grow it inside the house. And even the hay ordered online looks more like straws and is less green that usually.

So you can see that I suffer. Not only that I have to cope with all this mess, but I am also in charge of keeping an eye on the hf’s mental health… And after all this she is shocked that I lost some grams over the last three weeks!

I leave you all with a photo from a rare moment of quietness.


Late Happy Birthdays

worf_profile_2On the 15th of January Kirk turned 3. Yesterday it was Spock’s turn to… turn 3. (Sorry, we are not very good at wording today.)

Due to the sleepless nights in our house, having a party was out of question. But they still received treats and gifts. After all, you turn 3 only once. So for Kirk there were plenty of pellets and for Spock carrots’ and parsley’ greens. Of course Data and I were invited to the feast.

Moreover, the hm, pushed hard by the hf, managed to solve an old issue we had with the hay trays. The hay was always falling behind our pen and on the floor and it was very messy all the time. Not counting the sadness of losing that hay… So he drilled holes and zipped the trays to the fence. Perfect! Now almost all the hay gets in our tummies. Or on the pen’s floor to sleep on it.

Sadly nothing interesting happens. Eat, poop, sleep, repeat is the usual. And since the hm sleeps on the couch is somehow difficult to take over the laptop during the night. Oh! And he snores, so we actually must sleep during the day.

We must have a chat with the little brat to convince her to sleep better during the night so that the hm could return into the master bedroom. We really miss our privacy and freedom…

Sorry, but now I must go and have some sleep. And eat and poop…