Potential intrusion in our privacy

Humans are crazy. And weird. And today I say this in a negative way.

They enjoy killing each other. But they have no respect in doing so. They rather do it cowardly by using guns and explosives in the middle of an unarmed crowd. Or by attacking others while being in a bullet proof car…

Yeas, we do kill each other also. Sometimes. But not massively. And we do pick the fight with a specific guy. And we do not use guns, but our bear claws and teeth. So it’s an even fight.

We do not hate entire populations just because they are different. Imagine how it would be for the white piggies with red eyes to hate all the Rex piggies. Yeap, it sounds crazy!

Yesterday some humans from Brussels, Belgium, Europe blew themselves up in the Airport and in a metro station. Due to this, now there is panic in the city.

Of course our HF panicked a little too. She managed to check on the HM and the baby, but could not check on us. We were not in an area of interest, but still she would have loved to make sure we are fine. Now, she has no idea we could write an email so this was not an option for her. Actually she has no idea we could communicate with her somehow.

So she decided to install a webcam to supervise us. And the HM took the idea over…

What is wrong with you, people?! Did it cross your mind to ask us if we would like to go live on the Internet?!

Whatever… No consideration for us. I will have to ask the guys to come up with a revenge plan.

In the meanwhile, we decided to sabotage the webcam and make sure it’s not broadcasting live and open on the Internet. I would really hate to see unapproved photos with my white but all over the online environment.

Moreover, I plan on turning on that camera only when we are in the mood for it. Our humans should never learn that we are able to write emails, take care of a blog, Facebook page and so on. Because I suppose she will be so amazed by our skills that she will ask us to ghost write for her. Which is a no go! I love my life as non-busy as it is.

As for the moment my white but is a taboo, I leave you a photo of my cute little face. 😀

(Please excuse the red eyes. Sometimes the hf is a poor photographer.)



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