We wrote a book!

data_profile_2Imagine that! We wrote a book! We finally did it!

We have no idea if it will be published or not, for the moment we are just asking opinions about the first draft of the manuscript (Aaron, our human sent you a PM via Facebook!) .

But so far so good.

Next step would be proofreading, finding an illustrator and (self-)publishing the book.

We are even planning translations into Romanian, French and German. I mean, for sure it will get out in English and Romanian. For the rest, depends on the demands.

If you are curious about what it is, we can only say it is meant to be educative for kids and parents. And it was written in cooperation with the little human brat, Bubble.

Sorry, my brain is numb now. So not very creative for the blog. I just wrote this to let you know that we are fine, we still write, but we are super busy with this project. Hopefully we will have more concrete and good news soon.

Bear with us!