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The Chinese Drop

data_profile_2The humans are convinced that the only things we do is eat, poop, sleep, repeat. To be honest they are not far from the truth, but we also do other very important things. Like planning to achieve world domination, training the little human rascal and keeping the human adults in good shape.

As we said before, the hm got the bad habit of sleeping on the couch. And the weird part is that although the baby is not even near him, he can’t get a full night sleep. He toss and turns and disturbs us too. I mean, come on! We get sleep in stashes of 20 minutes, but we need the house to be calm and quiet during those moments.

With this in mind, we try to get revenge and teach him a lesson every time there is an opportunity. And few days ago we had this awesome opportunity with some paper bags. The hf insisted in washing our tunnels, and we’ve got some paper bags with hay to keep us company during the night. Spock and I immediately cut another emergency exit in the bag’s back (whenever he is chasing me, I need an escape route!).

During the first day we just enjoyed the hay inside the bags and chewed a little bit of paper. But during the second night we’ve made a pact and started to take turns in tossing that bag and munching it.

The hm endured for a while, woke up several times, got crazy and finally got out of bed and took our paper bags. That was so funny! You should have seen his face!

Of course that the next morning the hf got mad and explained that this was not possible and that we should be kept entertained at all costs. That was even funnier.



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Keep your poop away from baby humans!

data_profile_2Or keep the baby humans away from your poop… Or rephrase according to the situation from your house.

We’ve already told you some stories about the human baby sharing the house with us. She took a lot after Spock, so she is naughty and of course everything starts when the other inhabitants would just like to crash somewhere and do nothing. That includes us too! Watching for a baby is a difficult thing to do and we all contribute to that, especially since we need to keep our stuff safe (the personal fur included!).

Now you may wonder what such little creature can do to us… Let me enumerate some for you!

Well, she really grabbed a handful of my hair at some point. I was not really damaged and since then the humans keep us away from her (or her away from us, depending on the situation J ).

She starts making noise when we are all calm and having a siesta: yesterday evening she was smashing two thick glass pots, so imagine that !

She always tries to get in our hay bag and eat from it. When the humans manage to prevent this, she gets under our pen and gets to the hay that fells on the floor.

Recently she even managed to steal one pellet and tried it. Imagine how she looked after! Her little face was all dirty. And imagine the face of the adults: they had no idea if it was a poop or a pellet…

Honestly, at 19:30 when she goes to bed it’s a relieve for us! She’s lucky she’s cute and Spock really invested a lot in her. If not, we would have already convinced the humans to get rid of her.

Sorry, I must go and find new ways of keeping myself away from her.

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Well trained humans


data_profile_2As we said before humans are weird and need some days off sometimes. True, they need to work and provide us with fresh veggies, but this is not a good excuse. We also need to be cute every day but we don’t ask for days off… Anyway, as they are a different species and not a very efficient one, we allow our humans to take days off from time to time.
With our permission last week they went to Rome to visit some old and very old stones that at some point were some kind of temples and institutions important in the human history. I will not comment upon this. I would just say they still have a long way to get where we are: controlling other huge creatures only with the power of our minds.
So they went to Rome. But they had to find suitable replacements for the four days of their leave. Somehow they managed, although the other bipeds were not very thorough. We were not pleased, but it was acceptable. Especially that since their return we made them cuddle us more often. (Worf spent tonight half an hour in the hf’s arms.)
As the replacements were not very competent our humans had to leave clear instructions for them. And a nice stock of veggies. The veggies were eaten but we’ve managed to take a picture of the instructions. One list in English and one in Romanian. And still there were some mishaps… But we are fine.WP_20151116_001.jpg