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This blog slept for too long. Time to be back in business as we have just realized that photos are not enough to remember all the nice, sweet moments. Or the sad one.

Words are the best thing to keep track of our lives, happenings and cuteness. Love for guinea pigs is beyond words, but still one must try. 😀

So, first thing first, revamping the blog and the Facebook page. New photos to include Archy and to mark the fact that Worf is no longer with us. As hard as it is, this happened and our lives will continue with his memory only.

We worked few hours on our photos, tried to give equal space to all of us and this is what we’ve got:


Are we cute or what?!

The purpose of this blog post is not to put in front of you twice the same photos, but just to let you know that we revamped the blog and hope to be back online. At least for a while. 😉

Still, are we cute or what?!

guinea pigs tales

Update on The Gang

So, here we go again. This time with no resolution or promise to write more often.

What has been going on with us? Aside from Worf passing away… 😦

img_20180517_165538Data has teeth issues. Finally our new vet pointed out some lack of vitamine C. Now he is on a daily dose of vitamine C, some homeopathic pills for joints to help with his jaw and lot of cuddles.

He also had bumble foot, but Traumeel did the trick. No laser therapy needed this time. And he now spends his days on a VetBed.

Spock is his usual crazy self. Chasing Data around. His (presumably) seborrheic cyst grew larger and our new vet said she would like to take a look, but later as it is no emergency.

Both of them are so zen with the two toddlers in the house that even when Bubble jumps form the back of the couch right near them, they don’t even blink.


img_20180519_190640Kirk is on diet. Apparently he is a little bit too heavy. And, as he has too a lack of vitamine C, his joints should be spared of the burden of carrying 1.3 kg. So no more dried food for him because it has too much sweeteners.

He also has a lump on his belly. More exactly it is a breast tumor of an unknown nature, but the X-ray didn’t show any metastasis, so far so good. It will be removed on Wednesday.

img_20180523_161610Archy is the new boy in the gang. We brought him home on the 5th May and he comes from a family that thought a pet is a nice present for a kid. When the kid got bored, the family had an issue.

For the moment he is in quarantine in our hall way. This position allows him to participate to the family life and get used with the little biped brats. He is more at ease with us now, not running anymore for his life when we get close to him. And he is the loudest wheeker ever! First thing in the morning he wheeks for food.

Hopefully we will get our big fat assess back on this blog. 😀 If not, we are on Facebook.

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Update on us

data_profile_2OMG! More than one month since our last post… Auch! Oups! Agrhhhh!

To be honest, we are very busy keeping away from the Little Rascal. And training her for our future benefit. But human kids are more difficult to be trained than guinea pigs pups. Of course, everything is more difficult with humans!

So, this is an update on us and our projects, just to assure you we are still alive.

The book had a setback but now it seems to be getting on the right track again. Hopefully it will come out this spring.

Worf and Kirk were separated following Worf’s decision that he can’t stand sharing the same room with Kirk. Weird… Now Worf is always at the fence and chit chatting with us. We are even considering accepting to share a bigger room with him. And the crazy humans are considering getting (maybe!) another flat mate for Kirk. But all this decisions would have to wait until later this spring when the human female will be at home with the second human baby.

Worf even lost some weight due to the stress. And we were quite upset with Kirk. I mean, come on! You are a great psychiatrist but you can’t see the stress signs in your own flat mate?!

And Spock has some dental issues. Probably. I mean it looks like this, but the vet has still to confirm and to treat whatever it is. The thing is that he looks miserable, tries to eat but obviously can’t manage to chew hard veggies like fennel. So he will be on a course of Critical Care until Friday when he gets to the vet.

I am fine, just one fatty eye to report. But nothing serious.

Kirk seems fine too. Even popcorning from time to time. By the way, 2 weeks ago was his birthday. He got lots of pellets. Us too. 😀

Before going back to our book and managing that project, I’ll insert some recent photos of us.

Kirk on his birthday


Spock and I few days ago (Spock was still fine at the time)




The new set up of our apartment. Not ideal, but it should get better in two or three months.


guinea pigs tales

Some kind of a balance

We’ve been informed by our hf that it would be polite to write some whishes at the end of the year. But we also feel we should make some kind of a balance for 2014…

So, we had a great year. We’ve launched ourselves in blogging and made ourselves a Facebook page. Two new boars joined the gang and Spock and Data decided to move in together. The whole gang moved in a bigger house ad we hope to have a garden with fresh grass for the summer.

Yeah, not everything was perfect! We had to visit the vet several times for lice and epilepsy, the only one spared from seing the doctor being Kirk.

But we had awesome time sleeping, pooping and eating! We hope you all had a great year and we wish a better one for 2015!

happy new year

Happy New Year!

Live long and prosper!

guinea pigs tales

The ugly duck

They convinced me to try to stay still and write something on this blog… And I must begin by saying it is very difficult for me to do this. I move less only when I sleep, and now I am not sleeping so I don’t get the point of staying still. I understood Spock was the same, but lately he seems to have calmed down. But it’s not about staying still I want to talk today. It is about how ugly I am…

First of all, I am a white piggy with red eyes. A lot of humans find me creepy (I also find them strange) so I spent four months in the pet shop seeing other piggies come and go and sometimes sharing the cage with bunnies. I suspect they put them in in an attempt to get rid of me… Then our human male came, felt in love with Worf and took me also home.

After a while, they discovered I have otitis and a treatment began. They were pouring some sort of oily cream twice per day in my ears. By the way, I have no pigment on my skin, so my ears are pink, transparent in light and you can notice the blood vessels. All that cream made them even more transparent (I still have them!) and drained in to my ears, but also on my fur. So no I look like I was plucked.

I saw myself in the mirror the other day and I realized I was ugly. I start sobbing and the human female needed to calm me down. OK, I am not really that ugly, but just not very attractive for the moment. And all the other piggies in the herd have something sweet… Kirk has a big, fluffy butt, Spock looks like a baby polar bear and Worf has all that nice color combination. I’m afraid if I don’t show a beautiful side, they will put me again in the pet shop.


So, I came up with a plan. First, a healthy diet: only fresh vegetables to make my fur look better. Second, my treatment ended on Thursday, so no new cream on my fur. Of course, no more otitis also. And last, but not least, a lot of love from my humans and my buddies. (Spock seems fine with the idea of loving me. Kirk tries hard to show who the boss is, but I know he loves me too.)

I realized there is still hope when I saw my picture from the header of this blog.

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileSo, long story short: the plan is to turn in to a Guinea Pig swam.

guinea pigs tales

How to make fun of your humans

Hello! Worf here. This is my first self-standing blog post and I am very proud of myself. I would like to thank Kirk and Spock for this opportunity and for everything they teach me: wheeking out loud until I turn hoarse, asking insistently for my favourite food and chewing the bars just to annoy the humans. Priceless education! I would also like to thank to the owl kind for bringing me in to the world, to the pet shop for finding me a good human, to Data for not eating me, to… Oups! Spock is giving me a look saying I should get to the point.

The elder piggies also taught us how to have a lot of fun making fun (yeah, I’m repeating myself…) of the humans. For example, on Saturday we’ve got our first trip into the house. Although the humans assumed we will stay scared under the couch, it was not the case. Having older mentors has a lot of advantages in terms of learning how to deceive the bipeds and up to what point you can trust them. I mean, I still pretend I’m scared they might eat me, but I know they won’t.

So, before going out, Kirk took us for a little chat and explained that at some moment in time the humans will consider it’s high time for us to go to our rooms. But we should not agree with this and under no circumstances accept to be caught. Data seemed a little bit confused about all the instructions, but I’ve kind of got the point and I was looking forward to check the floor.

And there we were. On the floor. Data froze under the couch in Kirk’s tray for hay, but I was very brave. So brave that I quickly explored what was under the couches and then I seized the opportunity to go in to the bedroom. Wow! An entire new world opened for me in there: shoes boxes, a lot of space under the bed and even some clothes on the floor. Amazing! Data joined me after a while, but only after the human female chased him and made him move.

We were having our fun when the humans decided it was time for dinner. I understood that with Kirk and Spock it was easy: the human was preparing their cages, placed them on the floor and they were willingly going in for dinner and sleep. I say “it was” because now we all share the Mother Ship which is too large to be moved so easily (we don’t give the access codes to humans!), so new solutions have to be found. She tried to bribe us with fennel placed in strategic positions where we could be trapped, but I run faster than she reacts. And I also discovered the humans can’t fit under the couch, under the Mother Ship and especially between boxes and other accessories. After all, there are some advantages for being small.

After more than 40 minutes of good laugh, we decided we were hungry so we let them catch us. We ended up in our rooms happy and looking forward for the food, but the humans were exhausted, with dishevelled hair and cloths full of sawdust and hay. Also they were having the impression they could rest a little before feeding us. But they were so wrong: when we all four started wheeking, they had to feed us. Not even an army of earplugs would have helped them!

I do not have pictures with us hiding under stuff, but I have one with me hiding in my wood house.


By the way, we are trying to convince Data to write something for the blog also. It might take awhile…