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Late Happy birthday! for Data

kirk_profile_2We’ve been busy with the book… We are sorry for letting this blog empty, but we hope of coming back. Some day. No more promises. 😦

But today I would like to wish a late happy birthday to Data, who turned 3 on 15th of October.

From a psychotherapist point of view, I may say he overcome pretty well the trauma of the 4 months spent in the pet shop in a very small cage along with some bunnies.

From a normal, jealous guinea pig point of view I really don’t understand why the human female insists on saying that he is the sweetest piggy. But let’s keep it positive, after all it was his birthday…

He received a very nice box as a gift. A box with two exits. A little bit unpleasant for him as he had now reason to chew a second exit. But he still enjoyed the box.

And Spock was very attentive and protective and went inside the first to check the safety of that box.


Well, next birthday is the one of Worf. I look forward to see what he will receive. I might want to check it first.

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It smells like hay spirit!

kirk_profile_2Due to repeated issues with home deliveries via DHL, the HF decided to have the new order delivered at her office. I think she somehow underestimated the dimensions of the parcel and had the idea that it will be easy to transport home.

Well, surprise, surprise! The parcel was delivered yesterday and it was huge. I mean really really huge. 10 kilos of hay, two bags of a special dry food to help Worf poop better and 4 packs of puppy pads can’t fit in a small box. You should have seen the face of the HF! She had to find a solution to store those things away from the eyes of her colleagues and guests from work. How could one justify the presence of so much hay in a lobby consultancy?!

She managed somehow to fit everything under her desk and already brought home one pack of 5 kilos of hay, but the other one is still under her desk. And it smells. OK, it is not a bad smell. But it smells like hay in a place where there should be no hay. Hopefully no one will realise from where this comes from before the second pack of hay leaves the office this evening.

The funny part was that she had to drag that pack of hay in a caddy and pass by the crèche to pick the little rascal too. Imagine how the other parents were looking at all that hay! I think some even asked themselves if the toddler was actually eating hay.

And this is how the hay looks like under her desk. Sorry for the poor quality.


So this is what I call dedication and a well-trained human servant!

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She’s losing it!

kirk_profile_2Our humans disappointed me… Again. But I should get used with it. Just because there are no perfect humans out there. After all, they are not Guinea Pigs!

They left for Venice last week. With all the explosive hassle from Brussels, they went on with their holidays plan. Fine for me, we already said they are weird and need breaks. But they messed up our timetable. Big time!

Instead of receiving 4 fresh veggies per day in two turns, we ended up receiving only three in once. And the humans that were in charge of feeding us were as incompetent as our humans. Honestly now! They insisted on petting us. But I reacted and bit the lady. We left the 9 years old child alone, she still has a chance to turn more competent. Whatever…

The worst part is that our humans were supposed to bring us some Hard Rock Café paper bags. Apparently they took them from the shop and stored them somewhere in the luggage. But they were nowhere to be found once they got home! So, just imagine this: they tell us that there are some bags for us and then, suddenly, there is none. Disappointing!

And this week the HM is at home. He pretends to being sick so he doesn’t really cuddle us. Really?! He coughs a little and has to blow his nose every now and then. This is not an excuse…

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go be disappointed in my own wood house.


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Our life is a mess!

kirk_profile_2I’ve spent a lot of time lately to think about our lives. Why?! Because we don’t seem to get inspiration and/or time to write more frequently on this blog. And the conclusions are not pleasing me!

First of all, our main servant, the hm, is losing it! Totally, not only partially! She forgets to do the shopping lists, brings home passed veggies just because she doesn’t have the time to go to a better shop, doesn’t charge her our laptop and so on and so forth. To be honest, I am a little bit disappointed but my inner psychoanalyst advises not to take action because I might be doing more harm. The idea of her having a burn out doesn’t seem funny at all…

Next, the other human servant, the hm, keeps on sleeping on Spock’s couch. So Spock keeps ranting about this. Moreover, as the little human rascal learned how to use the door to his room to go in, the adults closed that opening and now he has another reason for ranting. And he and Data can be very loud!

The little human rascal somehow thinks is funny to steal our food. She did not stop at that fennel few weeks ago, but now she is helping herself with green celery and pellets. And she seems very happy to see us moving, so whenever we are sleeping close to the fence she comes and tries to touch us. Outrageous! Not to mention that she likes to pick up our tunnels and munch on them. Well, maybe somebody should inform her that we pee and poop on those tunnels…

On top of everything, the weather is nasty and our garden looks awful. No fresh grass for us. I just hope the hf didn’t’ forgot to order some seeds to grow it inside the house. And even the hay ordered online looks more like straws and is less green that usually.

So you can see that I suffer. Not only that I have to cope with all this mess, but I am also in charge of keeping an eye on the hf’s mental health… And after all this she is shocked that I lost some grams over the last three weeks!

I leave you all with a photo from a rare moment of quietness.


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That day of the year

kirk_profile_2Our humans are super busy with the little human rascal. On top of this, the hf changed jobs (to have more time for the little rascal!). So, counting also Spock’s illness, the past weeks were somehow a mess. Moreover, the hf changed her laptop and bought one with a French keyboard that utterly annoys us. But I should stop ranting and get to the point…

Data’s birthday was mid October but we had no time to celebrate because Spock was in the hospital. Worf’s birthday was few days ago but it was a work day so the humans couldn’t serve us well. So we’ve celebrated today.

Data got the traditional Hard Rock Cafe bag, this one from Rome.


First thing he and Spock did was, of course, to break another exit. Then they chewed it. I was lucky enough to get the photo before all of this.

Worf and I got some other bags, one for each. And… Ta da da dam! A looooot of pellets! A loooot! Can you see it in the food bowl? Of couse noy! We’ve ate them alllllll!


This is why I love Worf’s birthday: I get to eat loads of pellets although usually the humans are very attentive not to give me the opportunity to get fatter.

Now, to be honest, it was a nice day, but I am sure all the gifts were there to bribe us for the Christmas photo session… But that’s another story.


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Interview with Georgia the Bunny

kirk_profile_2Dear readers, I’ll start by apologising for the lack of interviews for the past two weeks: apparantly the respectable guinea pigs are on vacation. But we are coming back today with an inter species interview with Georgia the Bunny! And of course it’s me taking the interview because I’m the only one with vast knoweledge of bunny language. I’m smart, ain’t I?

Kirk: Hi, Georgia! You are the first bunny to interview for our blog. Could you tell us something about you just to break the ice?

Georgia: My name is Georgia the bunny. I am about nine years old, and live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, with my human, Heidi, and two boy guinea pigs, Mr. Horatio Daisy and Mr. Joshua Dandy. Because there are no girl guinea pigs around, they like to chase me. Ugh!


Kirk: How did you meet your humans and convince them to take you home?

Georgia: I met Heidi at Pet Smart, where the SPCA (a Canadian rescue organization) had a display set up. I chinned her to let her know she was mine. Heidi brought back her mom and sister to see me, and none of them could resist me. Heidi filled in an application, and came to pick me up a day later. I kept jumping out of the box in the car on the way home. LOL! That happened at the beginning of 2007, by the way.

Kirk: What do you think about Heidi? Is she a good human for you?

Georgia: I like Heidi because she is a bunny person, and appreciates us over other animals, such as cats. She had a bunny when she was young, named Whitetoe. Heidi also shares her banana with me when she is eating breakfast, and gives me snuggles. I have become quite cuddly in my old age.

Kirk: What is your favourite activity? Tell us more about a day in your life.

Georgia: I like hanging out in the living room, and bunstructing the inside of my cat house. Even though I am old in bunny years, I enjoy running around and binkying sometimes, especially after I get out of my palatial cage. Heidi just got me a bunny sized tent at the dollar store, and I think it is awesome. I am especially using it this week, as I am at the cottage with the whole family. My favourite thing to do is jump back in my cage, which is several feet off the ground. I never miss!


Kirk: What do you think about humans in general?

Georgia: I think humans are OK, even though they are not furry!

Kirk: Do you have other furry friends?

Georgia: Heidi used to have two female guinea pigs, Poppy and Cinnamon. They would get scared when she let us graze in the grass, and they would try to hide in my fur. I was OK with them. But then she got these boy guinea pigs! I am not fond of them, as they think I am girlfriend material. Not impressed!

Kirk: Tell us something funny about your human?

Georgia: I think it is funny that Heidi has such an array of clothes to keep her warm in any weather. She should just have a fur coat, like me!

Kirk: And about you?

Georgia: One time, when I was a young bun (Heidi brought me home when I was six months old), Heidi was forced to chase me with a broom to catch me. I loved to play chase back then! Not so much now.


Kirk: Anything else that you would like to add.

Georgia: I appreciate this opportunity to spread the word for bunny-kind.

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Humans went to Paris

kirk_profile_2We’ve told you before and we are repeating: humans are weird! And understanding them is the secret key to a happy life. Because if you release the leash a little bit they have the impression of freedom and they come back to us more energetic.

So, we said nothing few months ago when our humans booked tickets to Paris for two days. We had a feeling it won’t be a good idea given the fact the baby was too small and the weather too hot, but we kept our mouths shut. Our only concern was who was going to feed us those two days. But the hf found a reliable person…

That colleague of her had no idea about veggie portioning so we’ve got plenty of them. Also true for the pellets. The fun part was that she was not cleaning our cages too, so on Friday evening when the humans came back we had piles of leftovers in our pens. Thanks all gods the hf was busy with the baby and the hm forgot to mention this to her.

The two days at home without the humans were very useful for us because we finally got some time on our own. Lately, due to the baby, the hf is always around and we had no time to listen to our thoughts. So we took the chance and analyzed our feelings regarding the little biped. We must admit that even if it was a little bit shocking in the beginning, now it gets better. And starting September they will be out of the house during the day so we go back to some normality.

Now we’ve found the photos from Paris in her laptop and I must admit I have no idea why someone would leave home for two days just to see a bunch of iron pieces…