In the midnight hours…

data_profile_2She cries! Holly mother of Guinea Pig Almighty God, that little bipod has lungs!

I thought Worf’s cry for food is on the highest pitch I would ever hear, but I was proved wrong by a little human of 3 kilos and 50 cm. She is almost as big as two of us put together, but for sure she is louder.

OK, I’ll slow down… So, as you may know, the couch is close to our penthouse from a very objective purpose: to keep an eye on humans and make sure they don’t forget feeding us. When the baby cries during the night the humans are bringing her on the couch so that her cries don’t wake up the neighbors. First time I heard her crying, I was literally petrified with fear. I run and hid so fast that even Spock was amazed. Not very flattering for a boar like me, but I must admit all this in case you will encounter the same issue: you need to be prepared, my friend!

It gets better and better: she cries less during the night, I don’t get scared anymore. Anyhow, the good part is that in this way we’ve got the chance to see the hf. If not, she stays all day long in the bedroom feeding the baby and trying to put her to sleep. I hope things will get back on track, or at least close to our normality because I really miss the hf chasing me in my room to scratch me between ears. But we get to visit her in the bedroom from time to time. Apparently she can’t live without us.

And now I’ll get to my point. I don’t understand how come a guinea pig pup is born fully functional and human baby needs years to get to the same stage! I’m saying all this in the broader context of them, the humans, believing to be the rulers of the world and us their pets. Come on, people! Ask yourself some questions: if we develop that fast and you are here to bring us food, who exactly rules the world?!

Oh, by the way, since the hm took over the responsibility of cleaning our rooms and feeding us, we all got fatter. I and Spock not that much, but Kirk and Worf got around 50 grams each. The hf is shocked!

This is how we try to get some peace during the crying hours…