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The smallest bag

worf_profile_2We do love paper bags and this is not a secret. Just that since the Human Male uses the couch as his main bed, we are not getting them as often as before.

Last time when we got paper bags they were… tiny! Like only one of could get inside. That tiny!

For me it was a very good thing as Kirk’s big ass takes a lot of space. With this tiny bags I had the opportunity to have one just for myself.


Kirk seemed also to enjoy the bag, although that it wasn’t big enough for his 1.47 kilo.


On the other hand, Spock was a little bit cranky that he had not enough space to cut another opening and remodel the bag.


So, yep, the smallest bags we ever received…

P.S. The Little Human rascal learned Kirk’s name. Just that she is saying Kika. J)) Data seems easier for her. But no way she says yet Spock or Worf. We need to work on this!

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The Chinese Drop

data_profile_2The humans are convinced that the only things we do is eat, poop, sleep, repeat. To be honest they are not far from the truth, but we also do other very important things. Like planning to achieve world domination, training the little human rascal and keeping the human adults in good shape.

As we said before, the hm got the bad habit of sleeping on the couch. And the weird part is that although the baby is not even near him, he can’t get a full night sleep. He toss and turns and disturbs us too. I mean, come on! We get sleep in stashes of 20 minutes, but we need the house to be calm and quiet during those moments.

With this in mind, we try to get revenge and teach him a lesson every time there is an opportunity. And few days ago we had this awesome opportunity with some paper bags. The hf insisted in washing our tunnels, and we’ve got some paper bags with hay to keep us company during the night. Spock and I immediately cut another emergency exit in the bag’s back (whenever he is chasing me, I need an escape route!).

During the first day we just enjoyed the hay inside the bags and chewed a little bit of paper. But during the second night we’ve made a pact and started to take turns in tossing that bag and munching it.

The hm endured for a while, woke up several times, got crazy and finally got out of bed and took our paper bags. That was so funny! You should have seen his face!

Of course that the next morning the hf got mad and explained that this was not possible and that we should be kept entertained at all costs. That was even funnier.



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That day of the year

kirk_profile_2Our humans are super busy with the little human rascal. On top of this, the hf changed jobs (to have more time for the little rascal!). So, counting also Spock’s illness, the past weeks were somehow a mess. Moreover, the hf changed her laptop and bought one with a French keyboard that utterly annoys us. But I should stop ranting and get to the point…

Data’s birthday was mid October but we had no time to celebrate because Spock was in the hospital. Worf’s birthday was few days ago but it was a work day so the humans couldn’t serve us well. So we’ve celebrated today.

Data got the traditional Hard Rock Cafe bag, this one from Rome.


First thing he and Spock did was, of course, to break another exit. Then they chewed it. I was lucky enough to get the photo before all of this.

Worf and I got some other bags, one for each. And… Ta da da dam! A looooot of pellets! A loooot! Can you see it in the food bowl? Of couse noy! We’ve ate them alllllll!


This is why I love Worf’s birthday: I get to eat loads of pellets although usually the humans are very attentive not to give me the opportunity to get fatter.

Now, to be honest, it was a nice day, but I am sure all the gifts were there to bribe us for the Christmas photo session… But that’s another story.


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Unforeseen bath

worf_profile_2Today is Sunday. All over the planet, including Europe. We do not worship any god in particular, but still we believe that Sundays should be calm, relaxed and without fuss. Well, good for us! Because the hf has a different opinion…

This Sunday started normal, with the hf coming out from the bedroom a little bit too late for our breakfast. Moreover, she insisted weighting us before giving the veggies. We are somehow used with this, so we said nothing. Then the baby asked for attention and we continued our life with some sleep, roaming around and other guinea pigs’ activities.

Around noon I’ve heard something worrying: she was thinking of giving us a bath. First I thought it was an illusion or a joke. But no! She really planned everything, delegated the baby task to the hm and started by picking up our wood houses in order to wash them. Without our wood houses life was quite horrible. I mean how can she imagine I could possibly eat my hay?! Climbing the wall?! I am used of eating it while sitting on top of my house…

Kirk and I were the first for the bath. But she tried to fool us by taking us in the garden while she cleaned our room. And then she took Kirk. I’ve tried to help him, but it was useless. In 10 minutes she was back for me. The tunnels were also taken and instead all of our effects we’ve got some paper bags. Outrageous!



Of course that Data and Spock were the next ones…


So, this is how we’ve spent our Sunday? How about you?

P.S. We are hoping to get back our houses and tunnels by latest tomorrow morning. Could you sign a petition to help us?

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Holly mother of paper bags!

kirk_profile_2There are months now since the hf was storing clean paper bags in another paper bag. First I thought it was a variation of a cultural habit. The Western Europeans have this weird habit: store plastic bags in another plastic bag just in case… So, I really believed the paper bags had an unknown and non understandable (from my point of view) purpose.

The not so funny part was that they were stored in under our nose. And everybody knows that we love paper bags. As cats adore boxes, we love paper bags filled with hay. So having them in front of our eyes and not being able to chew and play was not at all funny. Data and Spock were convinced the bags were for us, but Worf and I were sceptical. I mean the bags were there for months and I saw no intention from the hf to move them in our pen.

But few days ago a miracle happened. Suddenly a paper bag showed up in our room and one in the one of the white piggies. Data and Spock had no issue to share their bag. Spock even “renovated” the bag and produced a hole in the back to have a fire exit. But Worf and I had no intention to share. Honestly, who could imagine that two big piggies like us would fit in one bag?




So for two days we had paper bags in our rooms and the tunnels were forgotten. Of course we peed and pooped in the bags, and they got stinky, but that’s the joy of it!

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Just an ordinary Sunday

data_profile_2Saturday we had a day without computer. Not an ordinary day for some social media addicted as we are, but we’ve decided we needed a break. And Sunday continued almost the same…  We’ve spent time with the hf, gave Spock his birthday gift, and took photos. Well, mainly just chilling like in any ordinary Sunday.

Still, we’ve checked our blog and found a spam message from a guy or lady that pretends it can write “unlimited content for our blog; 100% unique and human readable”. Really?! I mean I am super intrigued by this “human readable” thing… I thought my English is good enough for humans to understand it. I realize that my conversations with Spock can sound like some cluck for the humans, but I’m pretty sure this blog is written in a language that a lot of people can understand. I’ll talk to the guys.

Coming back to our Sunday! Spock got as a present a paper bag from The Hard Rock Café in London. I’ve heard the hm almost refused the bag, but the hf was shouting behind him “We’ll take it! It’s for Spock!”. Apparently the guy from the counter just stopped struggling to understand what was happening and our humans managed to get out before anyone could alert the authorities. We really enjoyed the bag: big enough to suit us both and a pile of hay!


In the meanwhile, Kirk and Worf got some floor time together. But they both chose to sleep on a blanket.


The conclusions of the day?! Two of them…

  1. A paper bag is better than any wood house, furry tunnel and other fancy accessories.
  2. If we have to choose between running like crazy in the house and sleeping on a fleece, we will choose the second option. But we are not lazy!
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Spock in a bag

Watch out where you leave you bags in our house! You may find one of us searching for something inside. Although the humans claim not to carry hay with them all the time, I am pretty sure you could find something interesting in every bag.

Like the other day, for example. Right after New Years’ Eve, I was taking a walk in the living room (the bedroom is Kirk’s territory). And I found a paper bag… I turn around it, smelled it, tried to decide if it’s worth chewing or not. Finally, I’ve decided to taste it, but not from the bottom, which was the closest part to me, but from the handlers. Because I’m not pig for an easy thing!

So, the struggle began. Me against the bag! The bag against me! I’ve started by sitting in front of it and trying to come up with a strategy. After 42 seconds I got bored, and I walked away to search for some food. I found some lost cereals on the floor from the age when we were still allowed to eat something like this. I chewed all, looking over my shoulder to check if Kirk was still in the bedroom.

When I’ve finished, I was so happy with my five cereals eaten without being caught by Kirk that I’ve started pop corning all over the place! In my excitement, I’ve hit the bag and it felt. I almost forgot about it… So I was even happier! I went to check what’s inside and surprise! There was hay!

I love hay! But humans don’t… Strange creatures! Anyway, I went in to the bag and hid inside and ate. What a lovely day it was!



(Written by Spock while pop corning remembering this happening.)