Unforeseen bath

worf_profile_2Today is Sunday. All over the planet, including Europe. We do not worship any god in particular, but still we believe that Sundays should be calm, relaxed and without fuss. Well, good for us! Because the hf has a different opinion…

This Sunday started normal, with the hf coming out from the bedroom a little bit too late for our breakfast. Moreover, she insisted weighting us before giving the veggies. We are somehow used with this, so we said nothing. Then the baby asked for attention and we continued our life with some sleep, roaming around and other guinea pigs’ activities.

Around noon I’ve heard something worrying: she was thinking of giving us a bath. First I thought it was an illusion or a joke. But no! She really planned everything, delegated the baby task to the hm and started by picking up our wood houses in order to wash them. Without our wood houses life was quite horrible. I mean how can she imagine I could possibly eat my hay?! Climbing the wall?! I am used of eating it while sitting on top of my house…

Kirk and I were the first for the bath. But she tried to fool us by taking us in the garden while she cleaned our room. And then she took Kirk. I’ve tried to help him, but it was useless. In 10 minutes she was back for me. The tunnels were also taken and instead all of our effects we’ve got some paper bags. Outrageous!



Of course that Data and Spock were the next ones…


So, this is how we’ve spent our Sunday? How about you?

P.S. We are hoping to get back our houses and tunnels by latest tomorrow morning. Could you sign a petition to help us?


Again, a bath!

worf_profile_2Really, our hf needs some therapy! Few days ago she checked my fur and stated I have again some lice. Not a bad case, but still… So, she decided I would need a bath with some fancy-crazy-all-natural shampoo.  And this knowing that I do not like baths. OK, she may have been right about the lice, but still! To give me a bath! She is just lucky that I am the smallest one!

So… Saturday morning, after cleaning my pen, she took me to the bathroom, put me in the sink and started to clean me. Of course I’ve tried to escape, but apparently I am not as crazy as Spock and instead of climbing up on her, I’ve tried to jump from the sink. Following this, she gave me some speech about how I should not attempt suicide. Oh, dear! That was the moment when I realized her brain was still sleeping… I mean what guinea pig would attempt something like this when has such an important mission of watching upon a human?!

Anyhow, after the bath she put me on the radiator in a pink towel under the supervision of the hm. What a disgrace! A pink towel! Thank all guinea pigs gods that the hm was passing me some pellets also and this made the pink towel bearable.


Finally, I’ve managed to get back to my room where there was no wood house to hide. But I’ve got a small paper bag with some hay in it. Very smart of the hf! Because I’ve tried to turn in that bag but it was almost impossible and the only outcome was that I got hay in my wet silky fur. Brilliant! And this is another proof that her neurons run away from her brain. Anyway, I kind of look cute in the bag.


When the wood house came back (it was also washed!), I demanded for two extra fleece blankets and prepared myself a nice nest.


And I’ve punished the hf for this unbelievable gesture of bathing me! First I asked to be held and climbed in the hood of her anorak, so she had to spend about one hour wearing somehow her hood (inside) and holding it to create a proper space for me. I know it’s difficult to explain and unfortunately we have no photos: she was busy keeping me not to fall. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I was still wet and chose to nest on the back of her neck.

Few hours later, I asked again to be held and this time I felt asleep on her belly while supported by her right arm. So she had no chance to use that arm for an hour and a half and she had to type only with her left hand. All the other piggies were super amused and Kirk event thought he was revenged (he also got a bath the same morning).

OK, now I’ll go and take a nap… Or poop. Or eat. It’s a hard life…

First contact

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileAlmost two weeks ago we had a very weird experience: first contact with a lot of water! Now, you may ask yourself how in the name of all gods that one can find on Google we’ve got in contact with a lot of water at the 1st floor of a water proof house located in the middle of the European capital, Brussels… Well, the answer is simple: our human female made it happen!

Apparently we were stinky. Although I do not agree with this assessment: my manhood smell is not stinky! And yes, I pee where I sleep, but everyone does that. In my humble opinion, I was as clean as a pig can be. And the other three members of The Gang totally agreed with me. So, there was no real need for a bath and we hadn’t even thought of that. I mean, honestly, it never occurred to me that a human can be that crazy to try to bath a Guinea Pig.

But… Our human is that crazy! So, she picked a warm day, she cleaned our rooms, prepared towels and other effects and shocked me. Spock and Kirk realized what was going on and tried to warn me, but I really couldn’t understand what they were talking about: I had never had a bath in my life! So, I was looking at them with disbelief.

And the human started her show. Worf was the first one and it was very easy with him: he froze. In the bath tub and on the couch wrapped in the towel. I think he even forgot to move his eyes for about half an hour…


Then it was me. I’ve tried to put up some fight, but that water was stronger than me. And the bath tub’s sides were slippery, so I had no chance of escaping.


Next in the line was Kirk, who behaved like usually (for him was the third bath!): pretended to try to escape, accepted his faith, stood calmly wrapped in the towel because he just loves cuddles.


Spock put up a real fight, like always. That little one (I have chances to grow bigger than him!) gave her some harsh time and made her chasing him all over the bath tub. As you can notice, taking a picture of him wrapped in the towel was not possible because… he actually spent less than 30 seconds in there, then just run in his room.


Apparently we still have around 6 months before our next bath… Reassuring.