Late Happy Birthdays

worf_profile_2On the 15th of January Kirk turned 3. Yesterday it was Spock’s turn to… turn 3. (Sorry, we are not very good at wording today.)

Due to the sleepless nights in our house, having a party was out of question. But they still received treats and gifts. After all, you turn 3 only once. So for Kirk there were plenty of pellets and for Spock carrots’ and parsley’ greens. Of course Data and I were invited to the feast.

Moreover, the hm, pushed hard by the hf, managed to solve an old issue we had with the hay trays. The hay was always falling behind our pen and on the floor and it was very messy all the time. Not counting the sadness of losing that hay… So he drilled holes and zipped the trays to the fence. Perfect! Now almost all the hay gets in our tummies. Or on the pen’s floor to sleep on it.

Sadly nothing interesting happens. Eat, poop, sleep, repeat is the usual. And since the hm sleeps on the couch is somehow difficult to take over the laptop during the night. Oh! And he snores, so we actually must sleep during the day.

We must have a chat with the little brat to convince her to sleep better during the night so that the hm could return into the master bedroom. We really miss our privacy and freedom…

Sorry, but now I must go and have some sleep. And eat and poop…

That day of the year

kirk_profile_2Our humans are super busy with the little human rascal. On top of this, the hf changed jobs (to have more time for the little rascal!). So, counting also Spock’s illness, the past weeks were somehow a mess. Moreover, the hf changed her laptop and bought one with a French keyboard that utterly annoys us. But I should stop ranting and get to the point…

Data’s birthday was mid October but we had no time to celebrate because Spock was in the hospital. Worf’s birthday was few days ago but it was a work day so the humans couldn’t serve us well. So we’ve celebrated today.

Data got the traditional Hard Rock Cafe bag, this one from Rome.


First thing he and Spock did was, of course, to break another exit. Then they chewed it. I was lucky enough to get the photo before all of this.

Worf and I got some other bags, one for each. And… Ta da da dam! A looooot of pellets! A loooot! Can you see it in the food bowl? Of couse noy! We’ve ate them alllllll!


This is why I love Worf’s birthday: I get to eat loads of pellets although usually the humans are very attentive not to give me the opportunity to get fatter.

Now, to be honest, it was a nice day, but I am sure all the gifts were there to bribe us for the Christmas photo session… But that’s another story.


It’s my birthday!

kirk_profile_2Yeah, humans! It’s my birthday! I turn two today! I am happy and I am expecting a lot of gifts. No one can refuse me anything today. Oh, I can really be a drama queen. I am super excited!

So, humans, come and bare gifts! I would like the following: veggies, celery leaf, veggies, pellets, more pellets. And I am sure you could find some other things suitable to be chewed by a VIP like me.

I am gorgeous and I know it! And it’s my birthday! So today I am the master of disaster. I look forward to seeing what the guys are giving me. With the humans it’s easy: it will be food. They are not very creative creatures…

I would love to write you more, but I must go now to ram around and be happy and bully Worf through the fence (once per year is allowed!). Oh, and I must eat to keep me fit. After all, 1.4 kilos need fuel.

By the way, Data prepared some photos with me since I was a pup. I just hope there is nothing embarrassing there…

Kirk 2yAm I gorgeous or what?!