This blog slept for too long. Time to be back in business as we have just realized that photos are not enough to remember all the nice, sweet moments. Or the sad one.

Words are the best thing to keep track of our lives, happenings and cuteness. Love for guinea pigs is beyond words, but still one must try. 😀

So, first thing first, revamping the blog and the Facebook page. New photos to include Archy and to mark the fact that Worf is no longer with us. As hard as it is, this happened and our lives will continue with his memory only.

We worked few hours on our photos, tried to give equal space to all of us and this is what we’ve got:


Are we cute or what?!

The purpose of this blog post is not to put in front of you twice the same photos, but just to let you know that we revamped the blog and hope to be back online. At least for a while. 😉

Still, are we cute or what?!


Update on us

data_profile_2OMG! More than one month since our last post… Auch! Oups! Agrhhhh!

To be honest, we are very busy keeping away from the Little Rascal. And training her for our future benefit. But human kids are more difficult to be trained than guinea pigs pups. Of course, everything is more difficult with humans!

So, this is an update on us and our projects, just to assure you we are still alive.

The book had a setback but now it seems to be getting on the right track again. Hopefully it will come out this spring.

Worf and Kirk were separated following Worf’s decision that he can’t stand sharing the same room with Kirk. Weird… Now Worf is always at the fence and chit chatting with us. We are even considering accepting to share a bigger room with him. And the crazy humans are considering getting (maybe!) another flat mate for Kirk. But all this decisions would have to wait until later this spring when the human female will be at home with the second human baby.

Worf even lost some weight due to the stress. And we were quite upset with Kirk. I mean, come on! You are a great psychiatrist but you can’t see the stress signs in your own flat mate?!

And Spock has some dental issues. Probably. I mean it looks like this, but the vet has still to confirm and to treat whatever it is. The thing is that he looks miserable, tries to eat but obviously can’t manage to chew hard veggies like fennel. So he will be on a course of Critical Care until Friday when he gets to the vet.

I am fine, just one fatty eye to report. But nothing serious.

Kirk seems fine too. Even popcorning from time to time. By the way, 2 weeks ago was his birthday. He got lots of pellets. Us too. 😀

Before going back to our book and managing that project, I’ll insert some recent photos of us.

Kirk on his birthday


Spock and I few days ago (Spock was still fine at the time)




The new set up of our apartment. Not ideal, but it should get better in two or three months.


Image updates

worf_profile_2We had a lot of time in our hands these days (we took a break from planning how to rule the world…). The humans were super busy cooking and eating (apparently there was some Christmas thing and a New Year’s Eve thing, whatever this is…). So the laptops were left unattended and we were able to crop, resize and rearrange some nice photos taken in 2014. Of course I had to do all this as I am the one with the knowledge and the patience.

Although I must admit Data was also super helpful and uploaded around 850 photos on Picasa creating a back-up album of all our nice photos from 2014. We’ve spent several hours selecting the best ones and deleting the not so nice ones or the redundant ones. Never trust the humans that they will not post the bad and embarrassing ones on Facebook!

So, the official announcement:

Dear readers and followers,

It is with great pleasure that we announce some image updates. Meaning that we realized our profile photos were a little bit outdated, so we convinced the humans we need better ones. Of course, this means our header also changed and the FB page will accommodate our new official profile pictures too.

We hope you like it and we look forward to entertaining you in the future!

the gang 2

P.S. By the way, our About us page was also updated. Check-it to get to know us better!