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Yesterday it was a very busy day for our human male: two parcels arrived during the morning and in the afternoon he went out and came back with some large sheets of some kind of plastic. I had no idea what are they planning, but I told myself that we (I and Kirk) will definitely find out at some point.

The human female arrived as scheduled, around 18:15, this Monday being one of those days when she had nothing else planned after work. I saw her and I immediately started to wonder what’s for dinner. Kirk was not only wondering, but he put up his show also, running around and wheeking very loud. He begged all day the human male to give him pellets and now he was asking for vegies.

But… She did a very outrageous thing: she took some fennel leftovers from me (I never finish my vegetables) and gave it to Kirk and then, completly ignoring us, started working on some kind of a puzzle. She took out from one box some wire panels and build fences and after that made a box from a plastic sheet and tried to put it inside the fence. Anyway, she spent two hours doing this and I was annoyed. And Kirk became very noisy. Only after she finished the whole construction and put it in the bedroom, she came back to us, did the cleaning and fed us.

During the night, after a hacking session into her computer, we found out what happened: she built a new house for the other two piggies. Apparently is only one room of the penthouse to be, especially designed for us. I really hope she will pay more attention to details for the next rooms…

guine_pigs_tales_1st_roomI hope I’ll get a bigger room because I don’t think a 75 x 75 cm is enough space for an active piggy like me. And I already found a solution on how to climb the fence. 😀

LE: Data looks almost exactely like me… I wonder if he is as crazy as I am.

Spock's tales

Logistics, logistics…

First of all, I would like to thank you for your nice words and attempts to reassure me my humans will still love me. I’m still a little bit scared, but I have a lot of things to think to so there is no time to actually panic. Also, Kirk seems OK with the situation so the atmosphere here is fine. We are both confused, but for the moment there is not much to be done.

But there is much to plan… Our humans are agitated and especially the human female is very busy searching for solutions for bigger cages. I understood that they wish to relocate us also. Actually, yesterday evening they had a very funny conversation on the couch, very close to my sleeping ears, trying to come up with ideas for the placement of our rooms. She claims it won’t be fair for Worf & Data to share a cage as big as one of ours because they are two. I kind of agree with this but I want to make it clear that I’m not giving up my room. Only if it’s for a bigger one. So, they’ve started to virtually move the furniture in the house and find space for all of us to live together and the conclusion was that they should check how comfortable is the entrance mat because that may be the only available spot for them.

The point is they want to build a square or rectangular cage, to split it in 4 and each of us to have he’s side. We could all see each other, we could communicate, but we won’t be able to try our teeth on the others fur. OK, for the moment Worf and Data are sharing the same cage, but I don’t think it will last long. 😀 Even if it lasts, they could have half of the cage and me and Kirk each a quarter. Now, I was thinking we could call our house USS Enterprise. It would be also fun to decorate accordingly. I want a leather chair and a console! Back to the potential format of the potential new house, I need to make it clear for the humans that I still want to be able to get out on the couch and chew things. Life is boring without cables and paper in my stomach…

So, our humans are very busy coming up with solutions and I totally understand: I shared the very small cage with Kirk when we were only 2-3 months old and it’s too small. I don’t even know why they sell that in a pet shop as a room for Guinea Pigs… But we are also busy thinking to this blog. When we’ve started it two months ago, we were alone. Now we have two new potential buddies, that we have never seen or talk to, and whom might be willing to join our initiative also. Than we should change the name because “The tales of Kirk and Spock” will no longer be appropriate. Maybe “The Star Trek gang” will do the trick. But this depends a lot on if they want to be part of this or not. And we won’t be able to talk to them and see if they can really write for another 38 days. So, we’ve got a problem!

I’m thinking… I’m thinking…


See?! We are very busy pigs!

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About how and why we can’t live together

“Kirk, come here! I’ll start writing and I could use some help.”

“Whaaaat?! Are you kidding me? Do you remember that we can’t share the same space?”

“No, you… big butt! I wasn’t inviting on the couch, just closer, so I could transcribe what you say.”

“I do not trust you! You will never reproduce exactly what I say…”

“Oh, you could check when it’s your turn to use the laptop.”

“OK, Spock, tell me what for you need my help. But fast because I want to go back to sleep. I can’t keep my beautiful 1.340 kilo in perfect shape if I don’t sleep enough!”

“My beloved Kirk, as much as I would love to try my teeth on you right now, this is not the reason of my request.

“You left yesterday on me the task of completing the story about why we can’t stay together. And I don’t want to write it all by myself because I’m pretty sure you would have some remarks.”

“Spock, you are incredible! In the middle of the night you are trying to write something that serious?! You know what? Just start, read aloud what you are writing, and I’ll interfere if necessary.”

“Oh, you lazy 1.340 furry thing! I’ll do it…

“Dear readers, it is up to me, Spock, to finish the story started yesterday by Kirk. Everything begins with the fact that the pet shops employees only want to sell and they don’t care about us… This is how our human female ended up with two male Guinea Pigs in her house, although it is known we fight for territory and supremacy most of the times, so living together might look like a very nasty episode from Gray’s Anatomy, the Guinea Pig’s version. At the beginning she hoped it will work and we also tried, but at some point it became impossible.

“Spock, since when you are so full of lyricism? Are you OK? Have you eaten something bad?”

“Kirk let me write! I’m in the mood for staying still for more than 30 seconds.

“So, dear readers, we managed to share the same small cage for about a month. Until one evening when, Kirk decided it’s time to dispute, so I ran away… The human female saw immediately (very vigilant biped!) and opened the cage for me so I could spend the night in the house. She even prepared me a box with hay close to the cage thinking that we may manage the situation that way.

“But after few days it was obvious we won’t be able. We do not hide our territorial needs and the urge for disputing the alpha position, as the human males are doing, so it was inevitable for the real fight to start. When she saw that the situation was becoming dangerous for our furs, she bought a bigger cage.”

“Spock, am falling asleep… zzzzzzzz! Please, go allegro: our readers will leave the page before reaching the end!”

“Kirk, it’s my time to write. You are only an invited participant.

“When she showed up at home with the new cage, we both secretly hoped it was only for one of us. But no… We had to share that one also. After a while, a wood house appeared. I was occupying the upper floor and Kirk and his big butt the lower one. Soon he was not pleased anymore and he wanted it for him. We had a fight one evening and I bit the human female while she was trying to separate us. To be honest, I thought it was Kirk, so I put my teeth in her hand very deep. But she survived, don’t worry!”

“Oh, my! You really wanted to harm me since we were young! Oh, my!”

“Of course. Do you remember the quote “there can be only one”?!

“Sorry for the interruption. Next step was to divide our large cage in two equal parts. That wasn’t very comfortable, especially for Kirk. His butt was growing and growing and he got to turn around the tail he doesn’t have due to the lack of space.

“In the meanwhile, in the house we were still going out together. Until one day when we fought over a piece of celery. I won; Kirk got bitten and visited the vet. And since then we get to walk in the house only in separate rooms. It’s OK, but it was more fun before…”

“Then you should have not attacked me! And please make it shorter, I can’t sleep if you continue speaking and typing.”

“Kirk you are right – I’m also falling asleep. Maybe I should present the conclusion.

“And the conclusion is that at the beginning of July 2013 we’ve got a second big cage. And instead of moving the furniture in the house to fit the new desk of the human male, she rearranged everything in a way it would allow her to put our rooms one next to the other. Awesome moment! The human male was shocked, almost threatened with a divorce. So, all the time, even when we walk in the house, there is a grid separating us.”

“Spock, are you going to say it or should I?”

“What Kirk? I think I’m done… Although I have the impression I’ve missed something…”

“Oh, I’ll say it, just stop pretending. The truth is that he still tries to bite me through the grids; he even gets some of my fur sometimes. But every time we lose sight of each other, we start wheeking and shouting until we find ourselves. And sometimes we like to sleep very close to our grids so we can touch each other. “

“Kirk, this is so soppy! Stop it!”

“But it’s the truth…”

“Yeah, OK… Let’s go to sleep, it is 5 am!”

“OK, sweet dreams!”


“Spock, I hope you transcribed everything I sad correct.”

“Hay?! Anybody said hay?!

“Oh, just go back to sleep. I’ll check by myself.”





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How we ended up with our main human

Or “More about us – part I”…

Well, it’s been a while since we have this blog: one month it’s a lot when you live only few years. So, maybe it’s time to share more about us…

We were born in Belgium, each of us in a different place. I mean we were brought by owls in different parts of Belgium. After few weeks from our birth, we ended up in some pet shops, but just because some crazy humans were searching for two Guinea Pigs of same sex. Apparently they were trying to get a present for a human female – some masters to whom she should dedicate her life. As at that time we were sharing the space with some rabbits and eating only cereals, we were looking forward to have some human that could feed us and be at our disposal 24/7.

So, we both ended up in her (let’s call her “the human female“) house on the 16th of March 2013. I (Kirk) was brought in cardboard box with some cut orifices for air, and Spock arrived in a big cardboard box with some hay in it. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that our sex was thoroughly checked by one of the  human males that came to fetch us. Of course, the incompetent humans from the pet shop gave to the buyers a small cage of 37 x 58 cm for both of us. But, in the first days it worked – we were anyway scared and shy.

Why scared?! Imagine being a small furry creature (we were weighting around 320g (me) and 250 (Spock)) with a lot of big humans around you and not knowing if the one you will get is normal enough to take good care of you! Especially that we overheard the two  human males that got us from the pet shop saying they don’t like “rats”!

But, finally we’ve got a nice biped female who gave us vegetables from the first day and made a lot of research about how she should take care of us. Even a little bit too much, If I may say. Which I really don’t get it… We were there, we could have explained her, but she doesn’t understand our language. Strange, because we are able to understand hers… By the way, we speak four languages: French, English, Flemish and Romanian, but we prefer writing in English, although we are not doing it perfect.

So, the first two weeks she let us only on the couch in a green blanket. What an amazing time it was!  Peeing and pooping in a blanket and on a couch doesn’t compare with anything else. Then we were allowed in the house and we discovered the cats and theirs whiskers. Happy times!

I will stop here and let Spock to share with you how we ended up quarreling and convincing the human to increase the surface of our apartments. But not before showing you our first shared room and how shy we were.