Spock's tales

Christmas photo session (part II)

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileShe tricked us! Honestly, she did it and we took the bait as two blond white piggies that we are… But let’s start with the beginning.

All her weird ideas about how she would like us to be part of a photo session with Santa’s hat and other props made us almost run away from home. Only the cold and the frightening thought of not having fresh veggies twice per day made us stay. Finally, last Sunday when she declared it was high time to proceed, we did what we do best: went crazy and prevented the catch.

But, she learned that if she convinces one of us to get on the couch, the other one would follow. As taking us on the table for a proper photo session was out of the question, she set the props on the couch and tricked us with some pellets to come out. We fought our instincts, but I have no idea what they put in those pellets that made us go like we were addicted.

So, we’ve got on the couch chasing the pellets and we discovered a mauve blanket, a white paper gift bag and a silverfish garland. We also saw the photo camera, but we choose to ignore it. And when we realized we’d been tricked, we also acted against that camera and decided to show only our butt to the camera. Yeah, mean, but we have nice bums, so after all the photos turned out to be funny.

When the pellets were over, Data tried to taste the garland. Apparently it was tasty enough and he did more than tasting, but the human intervened and tried to explain it was not healthy to eat plastic. I must admit I haven’t tried it given the fact that in my tumultuous past I had a stomach issue due to the ingestion of a plastic label.


After all, the human female got some photos with us in a Christmas set, although not very fancy. But it will do the trick for this time. Now we are waiting to see what kind of tree she will put up because we’ve heard she has some other weird idea…

Oh, I almost forgot! After the photo session we’ve got the bag in our room! And we’ve got to keep it for two days, until we peed on it and made it gross. We were super happy and took turns to sleep inside. And you can imagine that the hay from the bag was tastier than the one from the manger.


Kirk's tales

Christmas photo session (part I)

guinea_pigs_tales_profile_kirkOur human female decided we should have a photo session for this Christmas so we could have new and adequate profile pictures. And she started searching for props… At some point we really got scared about all her fancy ideas and decided to keep a close eye on her. I mean it is Christmas and we love our fans and followers, but public embarrassment is out of question.

But she kept plotting quietly without sharing a thing with us. And on Saturday she went shopping. When she came back, she refused to take out of the back pack any item, so I was imagining the worst. I was already picturing myself among red candles and a lot of little Santa. When I heard Sunday is the day, I’ve tried to convince the rest of the gang to run away from home and come back in January, but Worf had a good argument against saying it was too cold outside and no fresh veggies for the road.

Anyhow, on Sunday we realized there was no escape… At least for I and Worf, because Data and Spock seemed decided not to cooperate. And we (I and Worf) ended up on the dining table, apparently the most suitable object in the house in the lack of the Christmas tree. There was also a felt reindeer and a Santa’s hat involved.

On our way to the dining table, I spoke with Worf and decided to give her our support hopping we will end the session quickly and maybe have some floor time together. So, every photo taken was a success, although none of us has a big smile on their faces. True, some pellets to bribe us helped also.



After the humans decided we did well, they tried to dissipate our doubts with some treats: a twigs basket filled with grass, corn, fruits chips etc. Nice, but not awesome, especially for some raw vegetarians as we are. I mean who eats processed carrot cookies when fresh carrots are better? But we’ve managed to do a big mess out of that basket and that pleased us most.


Keep close, Spock and Data will soon share there side of the story because they were finally tricked into participating to the photo session.