Wof's tales

Soft fabric + human = cuddles

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileI like to cuddle. Not to be petted, just to stay still in a soft fabric close to some human warmth. Usually is the human male who gives me this, but now he’s gone for two weeks so I had to settle for the human female…

The thing is that she has this super soft anorak that I really like. Few days ago she took me on the couch with her while she was watching some movies. I climbed on her shoulder, got myself in her hair and surrounded by the soft fabric of her anorak and just stayed there for a while. OK, for about one hour. At some point she thought that I may need to go pee and/or poop and she tried to take me out of that hiding. I was super upset and repeatedly climbed back into my perfect spot.

I’ve heard that she went yesterday to buy a new anorak because her on growing belly becomes too big for the black one. I just hope she bought a nice colour that will suit me well. I need to look nice in the photos… By the way, there is something weird going on with her: apparently there is a baby growing in her belly! I suppose this is the way we were born also, so I look forward to see the little bipod. Maybe that little one will stay still longer than the adults and I could cuddle more.

Oh, Kirk is not pleased that his favourite human spends more time with me. So he is annoyed and nibbles her. Yesterday he even tried to give her haircut… But I hope he will reconsider, especially that my human male will be back tomorrow and his human female could spend more time with him once again.

Oh, and Christmas is coming… And our human female went windows-shopping to check for accessories that could be used for a photo session. She has a lot of questionable ideas. We would really need to keep an eye on her! But, in the meanwhile, my birthday is approaching. I look forward for my full bowl of pellets!

Now I’m going back to my fresh veggies… By the way, spot the piggie!


Kirk's tales

The eternal winner

guinea_pigs_tales_profile_kirkEverybody is so preoccupied with bonding Spock and Data that forgot to mention my newest title.  So, in August I was, again, the winner of a contest on our favourite Facebook group. Thanks to Data, who saw the opportunity and picked the best photo, I’ve got the biggest number of likes. My happiness was spoiled only by the human female…

She becomes altruist and all politically correct in the weirdest situations, meaning when it’s not all about her. So, winning the contest should have put me on the cover photo of the group. Not me in person, don’t freak out! My beautiful, expressive photo. I’m still in Brussels, Belgium, admiring the rainy weather… But, the human female thought it unfair toward the other piggies and gave our permission not to be me again. Honestly, she should speak for herself and let Data speak for us!

The human female thinks that just because all her friends voted for me, I should not be awarded that photo. Apparently she has the impression that her Facebook friends vote for me just because I’m hers, not because I’m handsome and photogenic. And, after all, I never told anyone not to vote for the others also…

As a punishment, I’ve been very moody lately, even nibbling her from time to time. And I took advantage of her weakness regarding my beautiful eyes: I’ve asked for extra time floor and some cuddles after that. It’s like a massage after a workout! It relaxes me and makes me sleep like a baby. Or an angel. You pick! And I make her wear her fluffy anorak, which is awesome for cuddles, but also gets all the hay from my paws stuck into it. And my lose fur… So I really get my revenge.  😀

Now, just look at me how handsome and expressive I am! I am shocked nobody asked me again to shoot some commercials…