The Duracell piggies

spock_profile_2Our humans call us names. A lot! For example, Kirk is the squirrel, Worf is the marmot, I am the crazy monkey and Data is the kitten. But last week the hm took this to a whole different level. After watching us for a while, he stated very seriously that we (I and Data) are the Duracell piggies. You remember the Duracell bunny, don’t you?

What made him state this?! Well… The day started normal, with the hf cleaning our pen and placing the wood houses in their regular position. Regular for her, I mean, because we tend to pick a different one every few days. When she thinks we are settled with a pattern, we move them once again. To be honest, we do this just to make fun of her.

And then I’ve noticed Data was sleeping peacefully. But I wanted to chit-chat and run around. So I’ve tried to wake him up and of course I chose the most difficult way: pushing his wood house with him inside. I’m sorry, but I have no photos that document this stage of my behaviour. The hf tried, but I was on constant move and all of them are a fail.

So, after about an hour I’ve managed to convince Data to come out. He was awake, just that refused to come and play and chit-chat with me. After few laps of cage, some growling, butt sniffing and popcorning, we finally stopped to chew on the willow tunnel. Not as yummy as the baskets, but still very nice to pass the time.

But all this activity was too much even for me. Even if Data was still willing to spend time with me, I fell asleep. And it was my turn to use one of the houses and Data to guard from outside. By the way, I forgot to tell you that even if we have two wood houses, we would never settle and we would always try to occupy the same one.

So, this is how the hm ended up exclaiming “Finally, their Duracell batteries are down!”…


Happy birthday, Worf!

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileToday is Worf’s birthday. The one approximated by our humans after complex calculations… So, happy birthday dear Worf!

As I met him first and we also shared a room for a while, it is my duty to write something about him. Also, I think it’s a nice gesture given the fact that we need to mark the moment and Worf is too tired after the yesterday’s celebration. Because we’ve celebrated yesterday, as it was Sunday and humans were around.

Now I wonder what should I write about him?! I think everybody knows already that he is shyer than the rest of us, loves to cuddle in soft anoraks and is pellets addicted. We shared a small cage in the pet shop, I’ve tried to teach him how to impose himself in front of rabbits with no success and we came together in The Gang due to the fact that the human male fell for Worf’s white bum and decided I could no longer live in a pet shop.

Worf is a little geek who loves living on his own, although he doesn’t seem disturbed by sharing some floor time with Kirk. They even get along just fine, but sharing the same room may be problematic. He also loves to hide in blankets and other soft spots and refuses to leave the human female anorak whenever he gets there. Oh, and he is the only one who can stay one hour cuddling without peeing and pooping.

I’ll go check on him now and see if he could tell you how he partied all day long yesterday. But not before showing you a photo of Worf exploiting the human male and his laptop.


(FYI: We don’t know any of our birthdays, but the humans think we should all have a day of celebration per year. So, based on our weight and the stories told in the pet shops, we all got an approximate date of birth.)

Some (serious) updates…

guinea_pigs_tales_Data_profileI see that my house mates write only stupid, funny things, like life resumes only to that! So, I think it’s up to me to give you some more full of substance updates regarding our lives.

First, we all got fatter. A little bit, don’t imagine we are obese!  Just that now we are all on diet, meaning that the human female really pays attention at how many pellets we receive. Because we all gained weight due to some over feeding with pellets while the other humans were visiting. The not so funny part is that we are all on diet because of Kirk: as he is already over 1.35 kilo, the human female is afraid he will have health issues if we don’t keep it under control…

Next, on Sunday we had a difficult moment… We were all captured against our wills by the human female and had our nails trimmed. True, Kirk was the least upset, but he was sleepy so I suppose he never really knew what happened. Even Worf was not pleased. Of course, Spock was the most difficult and I followed closely, as I am learning from the best.

Not only that she clipped our nails, but she also checked on us, mainly for any traces of mites or lice. You know we had two baths each during one week one month ago and on Sunday she wanted to see the results. Well, for sure it was not a mites infestation! Most probably lice and the shampoo from Gorgeous Guinea saved us from a trip to the vet, more chemicals and a huge expense for the humans’ pockets. Now, we do not encourage self medication and when in doubt you should always take us to the vet! But in this case the signs were not consistent with the one of mites, so we’ve tried the mild solution for lice.

By the way, now that we are clean, we are super busy with finding a concept for the Christmas photo session. The human female has a lot of naughty ideas, but I am not sure we will cooperate. Only if she promises we will get some nice presents… Most probably we will try to shot something this Sunday. And maybe we will come up with some other profile pictures.

And last, but not least, I’ve decided to keep a close eye on the human female. So, whenever she is on the couch, I stare at her and whatever I do, I don’t lose her from sight. You can notice this in the video she made last week-end with me and Spock sharing one chunk of celery.