Update on us

worf_profile_2Well, it’s been a while…

I have no idea what we are doing and why this blog is not updated more often. I must complain to Data, who is the social media responsible for our team.

I also have no idea about what I should write. So I will just note down everything that crosses my mind.

In Belgium is raining and although the grass is green in our garden, we can’t really go out and enjoy it. I must ask the humans to bring some grass inside for us.

Due to the whole hustle with DHL, the HF refuses to place more than one order by month and she had to renew our hay supply from the pet shop. Lucky us! Because she got the really nice dry herbs.

The little human rascal got the idea with the daily cleaning of our rooms and she grabs a bag, the dust pan and the broom and tries to do it. I hope that in few years she will be an expert on refreshing our penthouse without disturbing us.

The HF had this weird idea that we were stinky and insisted on washing our tunnels. Thanks all gods she didn’t try to bath us. Was rude enough that she called us stinky!

Of course we’ve got paper bags to keep us busy and it was super fun. Especially to roam around, make noise and keep the HM awake.

And now the humans are talking about leaving for 10 days and we will be left home with a sitter. I hope we can convince her to give us more pellets.

Oh, about the pellets… The HF bought some weird ones that were supposed to help my poop get better (she has the impression my poop is too soft). But they taste funny. At least this is what Kirk and I think. The white boys like them. The bag is empty now, so thankfully we returned to our usual ones.

Well, this is it. I’ll end with a photo of us eating colours.



Our first trip in the garden

data_profile_2Well, apparently we are passing through a period of firsts. Among these first times was also a walk in the garden to get by ourselves the grass.

First to get out was Worf, who froze in the middle of the grass. He started moving only when the hf went and comfort him a little. Then Kirk arrived. He fast saw the grass and took the opportunity to gain some grams. Of course Worf got some courage and followed.

Then the hm brought me outside and put me opposite Worf and Kirk hoping we wouldn’t meet. Spock followed shortly. And he did what he does best: acted like no ordinary guinea pig. He started to explore the garden, checked the corners and other plants. Of course I followed him, so we were pretty busy site seeing instead of consuming grass.

At some point Kirk realized we were there also and he started moving towards us. The humans managed to avoid a meeting between him and Spock, but not to stop me getting in his way. A little fight burst out between the two of us and a wisp of fur was lost in the wind (the owner remains unidentified). But we ended up just fine.

So, to sum up: we had some grass, took some nice photos (see below), I picked a fight with Kirk, Spock explored the garden and Worf didn’t bother with anything else except chewing grass.

grass_dat_spock grass_worf_kirk

Too bad the weather in Belgium is mostly rainy and we can’t get that often in the garden.

Oh, by the way, there are some video records from this trip but they still need to be processed.

The first harvest

spock_profile_2We’ve told you at some point that we have a little yard where the hf planted grass just for us. She tried hard to have a nice lawn but after few attempts she realized it is almost impossible because our back yard is in the shadow. Still there is a nice space with long grass.

The plan was that from time to time we would get to go out and trim the lawn. Unfortunately, the weather in Belgium is not very suitable for this, especially that we are used with a dry home and a nice temperature. It is raining a lot and the soil is wet. Moreover, we are afraid we’ll get super dirty.

So, we have grass but no access to it. What can be done? Especially when there is a baby in the house and she sticks to the hf like she is glued or something. We almost lost any hope of tasting that grass in the next few months. Until two days ago!

Apparently this baby likes guinea pigs because at some point she decided to give a break to the hf. This way our faithful servant got 20 minutes to go out, cut some grass and bring it to us for dinner. Of course we’ve asked for photos! And this is what she caught on camera.



I must admit: the grass is good. We are waiting for the next portion.