Why humans need jobs and Guinea Pigs don’t

I don’t know how many of you are aware, but humans live in a world where they trade things for money. In my opinion, they could all trade something else (except Guinea Pigs, of course!) for what they need. I mean, our human female may trade her red dress for our vegies for one week… But, apparently, she prefers to have a job, keep her red dress and buy us vegies.

Our main human leaves the house in the morning and comes back in the evening when she starts telling the other human how she managed to rule other people. She calls herself an Office Manager and she is very proud when she gets to convince several other bipeds to do what she suggests. And she gets paid for this.

I find this very strange: we manage to rule with no problem at all the three humans from our house. We can convince a human to obey our desires with no effort, to bring us food and caress us. Does it mean that we are Humans Managers?! Or maybe House Managers… But this is not a job for us, is just the way we are and do things. And this makes me think that humans are useless and hopeless without a Guinea Pig to govern their lifes.

Anyway, don’t forget that in this strange world we need the humans to get paid in money so they could buy us food and other fancy stuffs (blankets, sawdust, bigger wood houses etc.). To be honest with you, my furry friend, I don’t see myself going shopping or getting a job – my white satin fur would be destryed! I mean it’s enough effort for me to go out on the couch and chew the cords (yesterday I’ve missed a laptop cord! 😦 )And I enjoy just sleeping and pretending to be very tired because of the harsh life I’m living… So, encourage your human to have a job!

Even more, imagine you would have your human around 24/7. That would be a tough job: you should keep a close eye on the biped; you couldn’t just roam in the house or eat in peace… The two days from the week-end are giving us enough work to justify the restfulness we need the rest of the week. It’s hard enough we need to munch on the hay and a lot of vegetables, but supervising and ruling the bipeds add extra work.

Just look at me how tired I am… Or at least I look…