Spock's tales

I am an intellectual for sure!

I think you all noticed that Kirk is the philosophical type, the pig with some wise tales in his pockets and opinions about complex staff like where the flies are flying in the winter. And I’m always on the run, too busy popcorning instead of spending five minutes thinking of the faith of the guinea pig kind.

But I actually am the intellectual type. The crazy scientist as one might say… My lab is my couch, the place where I can find a lot of interesting things to test on. Of course, I try everything by chewing them. And I realized I like best the paper. In any format. I suppose this is how I assimilate information, otherwise I have no explanation for the fact that I remember the Internet invoice should be paid by 13th of the month or that the hay is 1.49 euros. See how smart I am?!

Of course, the human female is documenting my research and we keep the photos for my biography, after I will win the Pigbel Prize for science. Kirk should get the one for philosophy… Anyway, please note how my eyes are glowing when I’m accumulating knowledge. And I’m almost sure I run around all the time to shake all the data I possess and fit it better in my small, absorptive brain.

I’m just made for science!


Spock's tales

I love my couch

Few months ago I’ve managed to convince the humans who are taking care of us to move my cage somewhere close to the couch. And only good things happened since then. 😀

Since I was a little pig (I mean really little, like 250 g), I had the feeling that I could find a lot of interesting stuff on the couch. First there was a blanket, than some paper, that made me believe that I should be the real master of the couch. And I’ve managed! Not only they moved my cage close to it, but I have full access during the day. This is an awesome thing! By the way, have you ever tried to spend some time on the couch?!

The humans, because they don’t have fur, need some kind of fluffy cover called blanket. My humans have one brown which is an awesome place to hide. And fell asleep… But I must be careful because they don’t have very good noses to realize I’m there. So I can’t really sleep in there if they are around. Anyway, I love pooping in their blanket.

What else can you find on my couch?! Well, some delicatessens like paper of any kind and cables. I just love chewing the paper towels and leaving a mess behind me! It’s fun! The cables are also very tasty, but I think I might have a problem with digesting copper – last time when I ate 2 cm of the headsets’ cable; I was indisposed for few hours. Or maybe it was from the plastic… Anyway, since my last encounter with the headsets, they bought new ones (I wonder why?!), blue, very attractive, but they keep them on the table.

Well, I’ve got to go to search new things to chew.

(Written by Spock in an interval of 24h, in his rare moments of tranquillity.)