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That day of the year

kirk_profile_2Our humans are super busy with the little human rascal. On top of this, the hf changed jobs (to have more time for the little rascal!). So, counting also Spock’s illness, the past weeks were somehow a mess. Moreover, the hf changed her laptop and bought one with a French keyboard that utterly annoys us. But I should stop ranting and get to the point…

Data’s birthday was mid October but we had no time to celebrate because Spock was in the hospital. Worf’s birthday was few days ago but it was a work day so the humans couldn’t serve us well. So we’ve celebrated today.

Data got the traditional Hard Rock Cafe bag, this one from Rome.


First thing he and Spock did was, of course, to break another exit. Then they chewed it. I was lucky enough to get the photo before all of this.

Worf and I got some other bags, one for each. And… Ta da da dam! A looooot of pellets! A loooot! Can you see it in the food bowl? Of couse noy! We’ve ate them alllllll!


This is why I love Worf’s birthday: I get to eat loads of pellets although usually the humans are very attentive not to give me the opportunity to get fatter.

Now, to be honest, it was a nice day, but I am sure all the gifts were there to bribe us for the Christmas photo session… But that’s another story.




worf_profile_2Since the baby was born, our feeding schedule became hectic. First we were left for four days at home only with the hm and he is not a model of respecting our feeding times, then the hf came at home but she was always with the baby so we still had to be fed by him, whenever he decided to wake up.

You can imagine we were affected by all this and not having the same number of hours between breakfast and dinner made us eat less or finish everything, depending on the day. At some point I became worried that this would last for ages. But apparently we will be back to some order.

In the meanwhile, I and Kirk decided to be empathic with the baby. I mean she needs to gain weight, so we should support her and do the same. When the hm is feeding us, we can trick him into giving us more pellets and our plan is doable. I’ve gained 50 grams and Kirk around another 30, so he passed the 1.450 kilo milestone.

But the hf gets more and more often out of the bedroom and she insists in resuming a part of her duties, including feeding and checking on us. So it is more and more difficult to get supplementary food. Moreover she is reducing the quantities we are receiving, which is not good. We need to make a plan to balance this attitude. Too bad Data and Spock are not into this: they are having a constant weight of 1.200 kilos.

Do you have any ideas how we could get more food? My cute face is of no help…


Wof's tales

Dry food for Guinea Pigs

worf_profile_2The hf is at home waiting for a little biped to decide when she wants to be born. So she has a lot of time in her hands, a large part being dedicated to us. And she gets to do the groceries in slow motion… Today she went to the supermarket to buy veggies. Passing by the pet department, she took a look at the products for the guinea pigs hoping to find some nice treats but she was really disappointed. And she came home and told us all about it and made me decide to write about what we should be fed along with the hay and the veggies. So this is serious, again.

In the beginning, Spock and Kirk were fed with the normal food that you find in the pet shops labelled as proper for guinea pigs. It was cheap, recommended by the guys working there and the human believed they knew their job. Moreover, from time to time they were getting some treats bought also from the pet shop – sticks with cereals. But something changed… Kirk’s weight, if you are wondering. And the hf realized the pet shops couldn’t be trusted when it comes to good advice for raising the guinea pigs.

A proper dry food for us should not contain cereals. Yes, they may be tasty; we can even have them from time to time, but not every day in considerable quantities. Why?! Because they get us fat. If you don’t believe me, ask Kirk! He is the reason why our hf started to search all over the Internet for some pellets that were more natural and suitable to some piggies than the ones found in the pet shops. The more processed is a food (you see the nice looking shapes that you can find in the dry food?!), the further away is from it natural state.

Now we are using “Versele-Laga Complete Cavia”, which has very little cereals and no sugar, is suitable for adult guinea pigs and contains also a supplement of vitamin C, among others. It is not perfect, but it’s what she found best in Belgium. Trust me, they are also tasty: I would eat a full bowl of them, but the hf is unyielding in her decision of giving us only around 30g/day. We only get more if we are celebrating something.

The cereal bars were completely eliminated from our diet also. Not because of the cereals, but because of the large amount of sugar syrup used to stick them together. Any other unhealthy treats are out of question. Just Kirk gets to lick from time to time some chocolate leftovers from the hf’s fingers. The thing is we’ve got so used with a healthy diet that even when we get presents from other humans visiting, we don’t touch them if they are not healthy green stuff. That’s why the human friends prefer to bring us veggies and not to buy “trets” from the super market.

Of course, we have a balanced veggie diet and we get plenty of hay which keeps us healthy and in shape. We also get to exercise: Data lives with Spock, who is very active and never lets the first one to rest for long, and I live now with Kirk and we have a huge room so we need to move around to get to the hay and the food.

This is me asking for more pellets…

???????????????????????????????… and this is also me digging in the bowl.


Wof's tales

And it was my first B-day…

My dears, I really apologise for yesterday but I was hangover due to too many pellets. I barely could move…

Now, do not worry! Nothing serious happened, just that so much food made me sleepy. And, even though I haven’t ate everything, just the thought of having so many pellets made me tired. Just because I had to cope with the urge of eating them all at ones… But I went for the wiser option, kept calm and had them in small amounts during the whole day. But enough with these pellets! They were not everything that happened on Sunday.

The celebration day started with the regular Sunday weighting (I know, no fun at all!) and with a complete cleaning of our rooms. The human female fed us and this was when I’ve got a bowl full of pellets instead of only one spoon. But not only me: the other three also benefited from the same treatment. Just look at Kirk how lazy he got! And the white part of the gang had some priceless looks when interupted.



In the afternoon I’ve got some floor time with Kirk. And a huge paper bag to play in. Filled with hay! Of course, the human female was in charge of taking photos.


After the play time in the big bag, I’ve got to cuddle in the new anorak and I must say the colour suits me well. I think the human managed to take some of the few photos where my eyes are differentiating from the rest of my shiny fur. After all, I am photogenic.


Now we are looking forward for Kirk’s birthday (over one month) and Spock’s one (1st of February). Unfortunately, after that, we would need to wait another 8 months and a half for the next celebration…

Spock's tales

Christmas photo session (part II)

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileShe tricked us! Honestly, she did it and we took the bait as two blond white piggies that we are… But let’s start with the beginning.

All her weird ideas about how she would like us to be part of a photo session with Santa’s hat and other props made us almost run away from home. Only the cold and the frightening thought of not having fresh veggies twice per day made us stay. Finally, last Sunday when she declared it was high time to proceed, we did what we do best: went crazy and prevented the catch.

But, she learned that if she convinces one of us to get on the couch, the other one would follow. As taking us on the table for a proper photo session was out of the question, she set the props on the couch and tricked us with some pellets to come out. We fought our instincts, but I have no idea what they put in those pellets that made us go like we were addicted.

So, we’ve got on the couch chasing the pellets and we discovered a mauve blanket, a white paper gift bag and a silverfish garland. We also saw the photo camera, but we choose to ignore it. And when we realized we’d been tricked, we also acted against that camera and decided to show only our butt to the camera. Yeah, mean, but we have nice bums, so after all the photos turned out to be funny.

When the pellets were over, Data tried to taste the garland. Apparently it was tasty enough and he did more than tasting, but the human intervened and tried to explain it was not healthy to eat plastic. I must admit I haven’t tried it given the fact that in my tumultuous past I had a stomach issue due to the ingestion of a plastic label.


After all, the human female got some photos with us in a Christmas set, although not very fancy. But it will do the trick for this time. Now we are waiting to see what kind of tree she will put up because we’ve heard she has some other weird idea…

Oh, I almost forgot! After the photo session we’ve got the bag in our room! And we’ve got to keep it for two days, until we peed on it and made it gross. We were super happy and took turns to sleep inside. And you can imagine that the hay from the bag was tastier than the one from the manger.


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It’s a hard life…

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileYeah, it’s been a while! But we were busy bounding and making sure Data has nothing serious after his accident with the chair. He will tell you about this soon. The humans are trying vary combinations among us hoping that at some point they’ll see at least two piggies cuddling together. My honest opinion is that this is not going to happen, but humans have this hope and I can’t break their hearts. (I’m afraid I won’t get veggies anymore…)

Now, to be completely honest, I have nothing to do with their bounding. The human tried to put me with Kirk and I just stood in a corner waiting for that moment to go away. I was moving only when I couldn’t do anything else to get rid of him. And the meeting between the four of us was also a complete disaster: Kirk and Spock were bullying me, they moved a chair and the chair fell on Data. After this, the humans got the idea that I prefer solitude. Yes, I like seeing them around, but just not in my room!

I even got to take a walk in the house under the couches all by myself. It’s so nice! Nobody else around, just me and a lot of space to explore. And if I have a place to hide, I even find courage to get in open space and pick the pellets humans are dropping on the floor. Now don’t imagine a wide open space! There is still a coffee table and a chair around…

Plus, I like being alone in my cage because I don’t want to share my veggies with anybody else. To be honest with you, I’m afraid the others will eat from my vegies and I will starve. Like for example on Tuesday evening when the human male gave us a portion of cucumber and one of carrot. But I have the impression he still considers us babies, because the pieces were just too small. I finished mine in about two hours! And the pellets! So when the human female arrived home, I was prepared with my puppy eyes. She instantly realised I was super hungry and started shouting at the human male that he has no mercy regarding me. He had no chance to defend himself and tell her that I received the same quantity as the others. And I’ve got an extra portion of cucumber and some pellets. I’m just wondering when they will realize that for a piggy of 1080g (constant weight) I eat a lot. I even eat much more than the others…


Now, ladies, stop envying me! I know: it’s a gift to be able to eat as much as I do and still stay fit. But it’s because I popcorn a lot!



Kirk's tales

Piggy on diet

I think it’s already clear for everyone that I’m the photogenic one in The Gang. My fur colour matches very well my eyes and looks good on any fleece / bedding pattern. So I always look good in pictures…

Just look at these amazing photos! I am awesome even behind some grids.


But after this morning weight control session the human female decided I should be on diet. Just because my weight got above 1.40 kilo! I really don’t get it: I am a healthy piggy and she saw that even when I passed 1.35 kilo nothing bad happened. So, I really don’t get her concerns. I love to eat and vegies & pellets are the most amazing things in the world…

Now I’m thinking of ways to put pressure on her and change her decision of limiting my pellets to two spoons per day instead of four. This is no life for an icon piggy! First she took out the cereals from my diet, now she reduced the pellets. I wonder what’s next?! Chasing me around the house and make me exercise?! I will stop posing for her and I should take back my permission to use the photos all over Internet!

Please excuse me, but I’m going in to my wood house to plot against humans.