Unforeseen bath

worf_profile_2Today is Sunday. All over the planet, including Europe. We do not worship any god in particular, but still we believe that Sundays should be calm, relaxed and without fuss. Well, good for us! Because the hf has a different opinion…

This Sunday started normal, with the hf coming out from the bedroom a little bit too late for our breakfast. Moreover, she insisted weighting us before giving the veggies. We are somehow used with this, so we said nothing. Then the baby asked for attention and we continued our life with some sleep, roaming around and other guinea pigs’ activities.

Around noon I’ve heard something worrying: she was thinking of giving us a bath. First I thought it was an illusion or a joke. But no! She really planned everything, delegated the baby task to the hm and started by picking up our wood houses in order to wash them. Without our wood houses life was quite horrible. I mean how can she imagine I could possibly eat my hay?! Climbing the wall?! I am used of eating it while sitting on top of my house…

Kirk and I were the first for the bath. But she tried to fool us by taking us in the garden while she cleaned our room. And then she took Kirk. I’ve tried to help him, but it was useless. In 10 minutes she was back for me. The tunnels were also taken and instead all of our effects we’ve got some paper bags. Outrageous!



Of course that Data and Spock were the next ones…


So, this is how we’ve spent our Sunday? How about you?

P.S. We are hoping to get back our houses and tunnels by latest tomorrow morning. Could you sign a petition to help us?


We’ve got tunnels!

spock_profile_2Don’t get upset with us, we haven’t forgot about what we’d promised on Facebook or about my birthday (yeah, I still need to celebrate), but we were busy babysitting the humans. They had this weird wish of visiting London and they came back with a super nice cold, so I had to supervise them and make sure they get plenty of rest, tea and soup. But yesterday evening I saw signs of improvements, so I took the time to write you this based on one movie Data did few days ago.

So, Worf really likes to cuddle in the hf’s anorak. And he asks to be taken and held in the anorak. The hf decided he could use a tunnel with some artificial fur inside just to keep him worm during the day while no one is at home. Although the hm was skeptical, she ordered two tunnels thinking that maybe Kirk would be also interested. For us was not considered as we all know we tend to make a huge mess of everything.

The tunnels arrived; Kirk and Worf each received one. Kirk took it over immediately, Worf needed time to check it out and decided if it’s safe or not. But the hf convinced him with some pellets placed inside it and after that he spent a lot of time sleeping inside it. The hm insisted we should also get one, so one rainy afternoon the hf took a half an hour walk and went to a pet shop to buy us one. And she realized she bought the ones on Internet at over price. But we deserve the best!

We like our tunnels, Worf loves his. We also use them as a play ground, hiding place, rolling toy and whatever else crosses our minds.

P.S. If your humans get a cold, just make sure to visit them often and cuddle with them. It helps!

We’ve been busy…

Strange and unexpected things happened in the past two days. Kirk is still processing them, but with me goes easier, so I’ll just write them down.

First, on Wednesday evening something new popped up in our rooms. Strange object, strange shape, although a little bit familiar. I almost believed it’s an UFO, but that would have been most unusual as both humans were in the house and I heard Guinea Pigs’ UFOs are afraid of humans… So, now, after 2 nights spent with that object, I can describe it as a kind of a tunnel with a piece of a blanket inside it. To be honest, I don’t mind its presence, especially that the cloth is a fleece one, so soft and mild.

Eves dropping, I’ve found out that the tunnel was one for cats that was cut in two pieces, so we could have each one side of it. And the fleece cloth comes from a small blanket we had in the house. Although I would have appreciated a narrower tunnel (I’m not as huge as a cat!), I can live with this one for a while.

In the beginning I was extremely reluctant and just turned around it. I’ve also tried to chew it, but unsuccessful… Then I saw Kirk sleeping inside and I was reassured: if he was still breathing and not eaten, it meant it wasn’t an UFO. So I’ve tried it also and it is quite comfortable. I’ve spent yesterday the whole day analyzing it and testing the “matrass”.

And the second weird thing is the new device the human female brought in. She replaced her camera with a better one and she convinced the male to pay for it saying that it takes nicer shots with low light. So, imagine, she arrived home yesterday evening, ignored us, opened the parcel, took the camera out and started testing it on us. I mean, what are we?! Guinea Pigs?! She kept taking photo after photo for almost one hour. We’ve tried to hide in the tunnels, but no chance to tranquility.

I think I’ll start losing my fur if she continues this way. I’ll be like Gioconda, loosing paint, in my case fur, because of the great amount of pictures. Or she will steal my soul someday with that camera. Or I’m reading too much unverified information on the Internet…

Anyway, check below for some pictures with us and the new tunnels, courtesy of the new camera. (I admit, it’s better than the last one. :D)



See, I’m nice and I put a picture with Kirk also! Now, regarding the color of my tunnel, I’m trying to convince her that white is not for me. And also, she still needs to learn how to use that camera! Kirk looks much better than I do… And this is definitely not the case.

(Written by Spock while testing his tuneel.)