Wof's tales

A huuuuge carrot

worf_profile_2We trained our humans to be much organised in regards with our menu and grocery shopping. So they both take turns in going to the supermarket and grocery’ lists are something common in our house. And usually on Fridays is the hm’s turn to buy fresh veggies for us for over the week-end.

Last Friday the hf prepared the list and, as we pass through a period in which we don’t really enjoy bell peppers, she thought of giving us more from the other veggies. For Saturday evening we had planned carrots and pepper, so she wrote on the list: one yellow bell pepper and one “biiiiig carrot”. This is what the hm male brought home! Trust me that cucumber is a normal one and the fork also.


So we’ve got each one quarter of a huge carrot. It was difficult to handle, but we’ve managed.


Wof's tales

What’s for dinner?!

worf_profile_2From the whole gang, I am the one who eats all his veggies. OK, let’s not exaggerate! I eat almost always all my veggies. And I am also the bravest one in terms of trying new foods. I am always ready to put my teeth on everything that is placed in my room and try if I like it or not. And I must admit that our humans are always trying to offer us a large variety of veggies. But let me get more into details.

Almost one year ago, Kirk wrote something about their menu. At that point it was only he and Spock (who replied to Kirk the next day 😀 ); we came in 3 or 4 days after. Not much changed since then, but maybe some supplementary explanations would be helpful. So, we still have a weekly menu that helps our humans to plan their groceries and shopping sessions in a way that we have always fresh veggies that don’t have to be kept in the fridge. And we still get four veggies every day.

I will write down some of the principles of our menu, just in case some humans are searching for inspiration.

  • Four different veggies per day
  • One veggie rich in vitamin C
  • The veggies rich in sugar (like carrots) just few times per week
  • The veggies rich in oxalates (e.g. spinach, parsley, carrot tops) just once or twice per week and not all in the same week!
  • Watch out for the veggies/fruits that can irritate our lips and mouth (egg plants, tomatoes, apples…)
  • Hay as much as we can munch, drag in the cage, play in etc.
  • Pellets – +/-30g per day. Of course pellets with no cereals in them and especially for guinea pigs.
  • For Spock and Data – some willow toys to chew. I and Kirk don’t really like stuff like this.

You may wonder why we don’t get any cereals… Well, it’s because Kirk (our flag butt) gets fat super fast and the humans are very worried regarding his health in general and his back bone in particular. So, we all suffer because of this. Also, you may see that increasing the pellets in our diet makes us to gain weight if we were not used with larger quantities.

We in particular don’t really like fruits and we don’t have a sweet tooth. The only fruits we eat are apples and pears, rarely and only if they are crunchy and not very sweet. I am the only one who likes tomatoes, and we, as a gang, don’t like zucchini, radish and other things that don’t come into my mind right now.

Our treats consist in dill, coriander, kohlrabi tops and other greens for which the humans really need to go to the market to get them. Which happens only in week-ends. We do not eat biscuits or any other processed food for guinea pigs that can be found in the supermarkets. It’s not that the humans never tried to feed us with something like this, it’s just that we don’t like it. We even gave up to those cereals bars as we found out they are full of sugar and a lot of other unhealthy components.

It may seem straight forward and not very complicated, but it’s not. And you know why?! Because we, the piggies, have also different tastes and whims. For example, Spock and Data don’t really like cucumbers. They eat it only if it is really, really necessary. Or we change our minds regarding some veggies: now we are passing through a period when we don’t really like bell peppers. So the hf had to prepare a special menu for next week with only one serve of pepper.

OK, I know, this is a lot of theory! But I will end this post telling you that this evening we’ve got egg plant and red bell pepper (none of us touched it yet!). And, of course, some nice photos featuring the handsome me and some veggies.


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It’s a hard life…

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileYeah, it’s been a while! But we were busy bounding and making sure Data has nothing serious after his accident with the chair. He will tell you about this soon. The humans are trying vary combinations among us hoping that at some point they’ll see at least two piggies cuddling together. My honest opinion is that this is not going to happen, but humans have this hope and I can’t break their hearts. (I’m afraid I won’t get veggies anymore…)

Now, to be completely honest, I have nothing to do with their bounding. The human tried to put me with Kirk and I just stood in a corner waiting for that moment to go away. I was moving only when I couldn’t do anything else to get rid of him. And the meeting between the four of us was also a complete disaster: Kirk and Spock were bullying me, they moved a chair and the chair fell on Data. After this, the humans got the idea that I prefer solitude. Yes, I like seeing them around, but just not in my room!

I even got to take a walk in the house under the couches all by myself. It’s so nice! Nobody else around, just me and a lot of space to explore. And if I have a place to hide, I even find courage to get in open space and pick the pellets humans are dropping on the floor. Now don’t imagine a wide open space! There is still a coffee table and a chair around…

Plus, I like being alone in my cage because I don’t want to share my veggies with anybody else. To be honest with you, I’m afraid the others will eat from my vegies and I will starve. Like for example on Tuesday evening when the human male gave us a portion of cucumber and one of carrot. But I have the impression he still considers us babies, because the pieces were just too small. I finished mine in about two hours! And the pellets! So when the human female arrived home, I was prepared with my puppy eyes. She instantly realised I was super hungry and started shouting at the human male that he has no mercy regarding me. He had no chance to defend himself and tell her that I received the same quantity as the others. And I’ve got an extra portion of cucumber and some pellets. I’m just wondering when they will realize that for a piggy of 1080g (constant weight) I eat a lot. I even eat much more than the others…


Now, ladies, stop envying me! I know: it’s a gift to be able to eat as much as I do and still stay fit. But it’s because I popcorn a lot!