Panic atack

guinea_pigs_tales_worf_profileNow, don’t you worry, we are all just fine. Maybe the humans’ hearts are a little bit weaker, but we are fine. But let me tell you what happened!

Sunday morning we had the usual session of weighting. Kirk had his normal almost 1.400 kilos; Spock a little bit less than 1.200 kilos, so nothing unusual. When she got to Data, the scale insisted on showing the same number as last week. The human female tapped it several times but no change. Then it came my turn. And then she really turned white. So white that Data looks dirty compared to her face… I lost 13 grams from my beautiful weight of 900 grams.

With her trembling hands, she put me back in my room, took the notebook and noted down our weights. She fed us and then she tried to compare what just happened with her previous experience with Kirk and Spock. After realizing that this occurred at least once with the two big boys, she was back to an almost normal breath.

Honestly, I don’t understand her. I mean we look healthy. I popcorn all the time and Data has his scurry outbursts very often. We eat normally and poop as we should. Why worrying that much? Anyhow, good that she got scared because now we’ve got the right to eat cereals. No sugar though, but still… And cereals are good!

So, now I’m also panicking: I need to gain weight or the crazy female will cram me with all the vegies you could imagine! By the way, do I look underfed?

worf + fleece


The Sunday chore

Yesterday morning I woke up and around 7 a.m. I realized it was breakfast time. I’ve waited for 20 minutes for the human female to come out and fed us, but then I remembered it was Sunday and she has this awkward habit of sleeping longer in the week-end. As I don’t really understand this need (all our humans should have a very structured program), I’ve started my concert. Of course, it was sufficient to come up with the first wheek and Worf and Data took it over from there. Me and Spock got on top of our houses and just had to wait…

At 7:24 the biped came out of the bedroom. But instead of going straight to the kitchen, she pulled out the scale and the notebook and prepared everything for weighting us. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was hungry and she was in the mood for this kind of jokes. And honestly, I was pretty sure she will proceed only with the little ones. We, the big piggies, are already stable…

But she actually started with me saying that she wanted to check if I am still around 1.35 kilo and not overpassed 1.4. I was lucky and the scale showed a nice 1.35, so no reason for cutting my pellets off. Spock, regardless his epilepsy seizure, was also constant showing a beautiful 1.150 g white furred piggy for the check.

Although I was literally on the fence waiting for my food, she continued with Worf and Data and it took her around 10 minutes to catch, calm and weight them. I was almost curious about their situation given the fact they were under treatment for a while. Inexplicably, they were both 815 g. We are all very confused because we can’t really appreciate their age based on the weight. But we are hoping to notice a pattern in the few coming weeks and Spock, who is very passionate with numbers and accountancy, promised to draw a graphic and make some approximations.

The human female was too sleepy yesterday morning to be able to take pictures also, but I found a snapshot with me from the day I’ve passed 1 kilo. I am a very good piggy and I always eat all my vegetables, so my normal rate of growth was 40 g per week and that day was expected. But anyhow it was joyful. For Spock was a little bit difficult to pass over 1 kilo, but once he did it he stopped only 150 g further.

Oh, there’s my picture:


Also, yesterday was the day for cleaning the cages, so we’ve got some time on our own to explore the house. Two by two and in different rooms. But I must say she is becoming more and more of an expert in her attempts to catch us. Now that she can’t really place our rooms on the floor and we would enter by free will, she needs to be creative… I am almost proud of her! But don’t tell her, please.

Stay tuned, tomorrow we’ll talk about books.