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I’m quite fine

Oh, boy! I had some ruff weeks!

It all started with some dental issues and a trip to the vet. One week after an abscess popped out. The humans went crazy thinking it may be a tumour, but finally it proved to be something lighter. I had a surgery and then returned home.

Honestly, I thought that having your mouth wide opened under anaesthesia was the worst ever. But apparently is worst to have a muscle and the skin cut open and someone scratching inside all the way to the bone to clean out puss. Especially when the muscle must not close and they stitch it wide open in a weird fashion.

The human female almost faded when she first saw me after the surgery. Imagine that! A pregnant human female fading at the vet. I was not in the mood for laughing at that point, but few days after I had a good laugh remembering this.

I was rushed at home. The human female moved really fast and changed all the puppy pads in my room. She also popped up a fence between in the middle of the big room I was sharing with Data and we got separated.

Apparently I was really looking like just escaped from a horror movie. The humans were shivering only at the sight of my left side. I have some bloody photos, but I’ll keep them for me. Just the toddler seemed not that impressed. But she kept repeating that I have a thing on my face. To be honest, I was too groggy to even care.

The next two days the human female worked from home just to keep a close eye on me. And she used this time wisely for freaking out for various reasons: I was not eating 12 hours after the surgery, I was not eating hay 24 hours after, I was not looking too well, I was not doing that and that… Well, women!, try to get a surgery in your face and have open access from the outside to your mandibular and then we’ll see if you would be in the mood for this and that!

The worst part, except for her watching me that closely, was that she had to insert some rinsing liquids inside my incision. Not fun at all! Not a big pain, but I do not like to be restrained in a towel. So it was always a fight. Luckily it only lasted for 5 days.

Just to give you a report on what to expect when you have surgery anywhere near your mouth, look how long it takes to get back on track. Eating veggies – up to 24-36h after the surgery. Keep giving us Critical Care. Eating pellets – same. Don’t expect huge quantities. We start with little. We are usually in pain and the effort of chewing is exhausting. With the hay is more problematic because usually we are not able to stretch our necks to get to the manger. So just put hay on the floor or in a paper bag and we will try. It takes up to 3 days to restart chewing it. (Neck muscles are connected with those helping in chewing. So it hurts!)

And get ready for some irony from your humans once you are over it. I mean, in my case it was like this… After I started eating normally, the human male kept telling me that for that amount of money he could have shaved me better. The human female kept counting the pellets I was eating and after 5-7 days told me that my appetite it’s bigger than Kirk’s. OMG! How can you say something like that?!

I got back with Data 10 days after the surgery, when my incision was already closed and it was clear I was eating and pooping well, so no need to monitor the number of pellets I had, nor the poops I produced. I still have to recover some weight, but I am on the right track. I still don’t get any cereals because Data may get too fat from them. I still need to grow some hair on the left side of my face, but it’s already better. And I still have some doses of antibiotics to take.

Almost three weeks after, I’m fine. Shaved in a weird manner, but fine. 😀

But we still need to wait and see how it will work with no antibiotic pumped daily into my body.

And some photos…

Few days after the surgery when I was already looking less horror.


In my paper bag (I used to rustle it a lot during the night so the human male could not sleep. 😀


Reunite with Data

WP_20170303_002 1

And the proof that I am eating hay


See you!

Spock's tales

How to better use a human toddler

spock_profile_2The little human rascal advanced to the toddler stage. And as she claims more and more autonomy and independence, we need to intervene and keep her on our side.

We used to use her as a distraction for the Human Female. The little brat would keep the (i)responsible human female busy and she would forget to clip our nails, bath us or clean our greasy fur. For dinner we would wheek loud enough to make sure she is aware of our presence.

But since the Toddler toddles, she can be rushed outside the house by the Human Male and kept there for at least half an hour. And this is sufficient time for the Human female to take action.

Last Thursday it was a National Holiday in Belgium. The Toddler asked to walk the Human Male. The Human female found herself alone in the house with at least 20 minutes in her hands. As she lost the habit of having such luxury, she had no idea what to do. Until she laid her eyes on us… And instead of just petting us and enjoying our company, she decided it was time for a manicure and a pedicure.

Worf was the unlucky one because she decided to start with him. But by the time she finished, the Toddler was back and asked for her attention. So the rest of us just chilled. (I am perfectly capable of chewing my own claws. Just that I have no envy in doing so.)

But on Saturday she did it on purpose. She asked the Human Male to rush the Toddler outside so she could concentrate on us. And no matter how hard I tried to hide she managed to catch me. Outrageous!

So now we are trying to find more ways of bribing the Toddler to keep the Human Female busy. Like super busy! Apparently our fresh veggies and pellets are not enough as a bribe anymore. Any ideas?

P.S. This is how upset Worf and Kirk looked like after the spa session on Saturday morning.


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Checking on her

spock_profile_2Our humans leave the house every week day in the morning saying they go to work because they need money to provide for us. I really don’t think that our groceries are that expensive, but let’s say that I believe their excuses. Still we were curious where does she work and what is she doing the whole day. So we came up with an ingenious plan to check on her, taking advantage of the fact that our vet is near her office.

First thing, one of us had to pretend being sick. I mean you don’t just go to the vet and pay € 40 to have a chit chat about the weather. As we are not at all good actors, we were just waiting for a minor thing to show up so we could make a big deal out of it and require a trip to the vet. I know, a little bit cruel from us, but we had to do it.

I was the chosen one. By the faith or by the all-mighty-guinea-pig-god-in-whom-I-do-not-believe. A small fatty lump grew on my back and I somehow had to pretend to stay still and let the HF find it. She was shocked and hyperventilating for a moment, but then all her good sense came back and she assessed it might be only a fatty lump. So let’s not panic, but let’s have an appointment with the vet.

The Z day was a rainy one (no surprise for Belgium!). The HM had the honour to transport me to the HF office and then I had the second part of the trip in her company. We’ve waited a little to the vet and this was a good opportunity to hear dogs barking and cats meowing. I am grateful we don’t have such companions in the house! Anyway, to calm me down, she took me out of my transport box and cuddled me for about 10 minutes. It was quite nice. At home I am too busy with Data, but there I had the time to let her do it…

Then the vet saw me and confirmed what I already knew: that I was a healthy boy and that lump was nothing to worry about. The HF paid and off we went to her office to wait for my private transporter to come and pick me.

While I was waiting, I was placed on the HF desk and she cuddled me more. She also introduced me to her colleagues and took photos of me sitting quietly on her desk.


From my part, I had the opportunity to realise that she is not super busy at work so she should not complain of being tired at home! Moreover, I really believe there is something missing from her desk: some guinea pig poop. But I like that she has photos of us close to her. And her job seems boring, so I rather let her work and us to stay home and enjoy life.

Have you ever visited your humans at work?

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Praise our slave !

spock_profile_2Recently we’ve seen a very nice photo with a corner of the hf’s desk. (You know, she has a job so she earns money to pay for our caprices and bio food.) Well, imagine that! She has FIVE photos of The Gang and only one with The Little Rascal. Not that she shouldn’t have photos with her , just that we are there too! Five, yes?!

Oh, and if you ask yourselves how we got to this photo, let’s just say the her mobile phone is not safe with us.


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Big brother

spock_profile_2Our life changed a lot since the little human rascal joined our home. She is a very demanding creature that takes a lot from the time our hf used to spend with us. But she’s lucky that she’s super cute. And that she follows my steps exactly. 😀

You know, the humans have this weird thing of trying to realize with whom does the baby resemble. Mainly it is about physical aspects, but some of them are that crazy that go deeper and try to figure it out also in terms of personality. Well… In our family the adults don’t seem to be that crazy (in this particular case!) because they don’t even bother to check and compare her little face with those of the other family members. Of course, grandparents do this and each of them believes it resembles with them, but they don’t live with us so we don’t have to listen to them every day.

So, our humans don’t really care if she has the eyes of the father or the mouth of the mother (she “speaks” a lot though…). But, in terms of personality, they’ve noticed without effort that she resembles with ME! Yes, with ME, Spock, the crazy little piggy! Well, I do not believe I’m crazy, but they think I am. In a funny, positive way of course. Coming back to the little rascal, apparently she is as super active as I am and she can’t stay still for a moment. And none of the adults were like this as babies. She climbs everywhere, dives in our huge hay bag, spreads around our (clean) pads etc. She even chews on papers and cables.

Now I must say I am very proud of her. And of me, of course! Because I’ve managed to be a good influence in her life, to teach her a lot of good things (how to still things from the others included 😀 ). After all, I am one of the four big brothers in the house.

But all this comes with a down side also… Between Christmas and beginning of January she was at home. All day long. Thanks to the-all-mighty-guinea-pig-god that the adults also! And she loves to watch us and be close to us. She is not yet allowed to touch us. So she was just always pulling the fence of our pen and creating holes through which Kirk and Worf could have fallen. Christmas day in the evening – the hf was literally in our pens trying to secure them.

You would think that solved the issue… But no! The little rascal found the door to our pen (the one that allows Data and I to get on the couch) and learned how to get inside. She even stole a chunk of fennel! To give us back our privacy, the hf was forced to close that door. Imagine that! The door was closed to prevent someone to get in, not because we could get out! Amazing… Thanks to the same all-mighty-guinea-pig-god that when the holidays were over the door was opened once again.

Now, we have a lot of photos proving all that I’m saying, but we made a pact not to put her little face on the Internet yet. So you will have to believe me based on this very shady photo.


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We are back!

spock_profile_2At least, I hope so…

Our past weeks were very hectic, mainly due to the humans’ state of mind. The hf especially needed a lot of support and assistance. I know they are here to serve us, but somehow we are emotionally attached to her and we felt the need of helping them get through a tough period.

What happened?! The hf went back to work and the baby was put in a day care. You can just imagine the amount of separation anxiety existing in our house. We hoped our lives will somehow get back to normal starting 1st of September and that we would have more time to use the laptop… But, instead, we had to come up with plans to keep her sane, to instruct the hm how he could help and to train the human baby (hb from now on) to be more independent faster.

We did a good job with the hb. It took us a while to decide who should be the main influence in her life, but at some point we realized we could take turns depending on the period.  Given the fact that getting mobile should be a priority for her, I got the chance to be the first mentor. And this is how we’ve got a 5 months old baby that gets more and more independent, crawls and even chit chats sometimes.

Regarding the adults, I can say that we are now closer to a rhythm and the hf seems better although she keeps complaining that her life is on fast forward lately. She got back to having breakfast with us in the morning, cleaning our rooms in the evening and even cuddling us. This is actually funny because she waits for the baby to fall asleep at around 8pm and then comes fast to play with us.

Except for this very busy part of our lives in which we play the therapist, we somehow managed to keep an eye on social media. And it was with great sadness that we found out of the death of HRH King Arlo. We were shocked and we would like to extend our condolences to his family.

Also, we would like to send our positive thoughts and wish the best to Twinkie, Fluffy, Kiwi and their humans.

Now, trying to put aside this sad note, just look what a nice pillow a piece of cucumber can be. The secret is to carve it in a fashionable way.


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Interview with Twinkie

My turn to post an interview with a fellow furry friend! And I’ve asked Twinkie, an American piggy, who first had some negligent humans to take care of him. But now he’s in good hands, fortunately! So, let’s start.

Spock: Dear Twinkie, please tell us something about you. Where were you born?

Twinkie: I was born to a breeder around January or February 2014, and sold to a pet store in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. A nice family from California bought me from the pet store when I was a few months young. No one knew if I was a boy or girl, so the family just called me Twinkie.

Spock: Hmmm, pet shop! I feel you, bro. But how you got your current humans?

Twinkie: My humans met me at a Super Bowl party earlier this year hosted by the California. (A Super Bowl is not a huge serving of veggies, but an American game where big guys try to hit the person holding a football. Yeah, weird, I know. Humans.) Anyway, the momma human was very sad when she saw me. I had no hidey, no hay, no water, no veggies. I did have a cat sitting on top of my cage and kids who were playing rough with me – when they remembered me. My human momma asked the kids for my name, and two of the three kids could not name me.

Two days later, my human momma asked my old humans if she could have me as a friend to her two older boars. The old family was very happy to let me leave. On the day I left, only the human dad came out to say bye to me. None of the kids said bye to me. They did not notice I was gone for several days. From my old house, my new human momma, her son, and his friend took me to the vet, where I was told I was in great shape. This made my new family very happy.

twinkie1Twinkie and his human momma

Spock: Oh, poor you! Tell me more about the period when you were neglected? How did affect you? (Maybe other humans will learn something from your story…)

Twinkie: When I was with my old humans, I was scared a lot, so I just stood and froze in a corner of my cage since I didn’t have a hidey. Why was I scared? Well, the cat sat on top of my cage and stared at me. That was not nice. The kids were rough with me, but didn’t know my name. And, the family dog howled all the time. My new humans did not care much for the dog howling during the Super Bowl, especially my human momma. She is a football fan, and she could not hear the announcers over the howling in the house. I was a very nervous piggy when I met my new humans. Once I got to my new family, I was able to relax without worrying about a cat or dog eating me or a teenager being rough with me. It is nice to hear people call me by my name. I feel like a member of a family now.

Spock: Nice of your new humans. By the way, have you managed to train them well? What do you apreciate in them?

Twinkie: My humans really love me. I had to bite my human mom one time because she was giving me so many kisses and hugs that I could not move. I bit her in the hand. She now knows to only give me a few kisses. My human teenager told me that the human mom always tries to hug him, but he runs away from her. Sometimes. My human mom knows that when I climb the walls in my cage in the morning, she has to bring me food before I wheek and wake up my human dad and the human teenager (although the human teenager sleeps through thunderstorms, so maybe my wheeking might not bother him).

And, speaking of food, my humans have been awesome in teaching me about veggies. I never got veggies from my old family. When came home from my first vet visit, the human momma put me in my cage with fresh water, hay, a new hidey, and bamboo hay holders. Then, she put a bowl of green and red stuff in my cage. There wasn’t a lot of food in it. Cilantro and tomatoes were my first treat. I didn’t eat the food at first since I was not used to it. After two or three weeks, I started eating the different veggies she fed me. Now, after six months with my new human family, I eat almost all the veggies they give me. And, sometimes I get a blueberry or strawberry or pear. Um, can someone tell the human momma that I do not like zucchini? She keeps trying to feed me that stuff, and I keep tossing it out of my food bowl (Fluffy taught me how to do that – cool trick). I have gained a little bit of weight from eating all the veggies. I do zoomies so I don’t get too fat from the lettuce, corn, endive, and bell peppers.

twinkie3Twinkie and some basil

Spock: I get you with the zucchini! Our human also insists with it and we refuse every time. But let’s go on… How about your flat mates? What do you think about them?

Twinkie: Fluffy and Kiwi. I don’t know what to say about them. This makes me a bit sad. The human momma took me from her friend’s house because she did not like the way I was living (the mean kids, howling dog, cat on my cage, and all). But, she also thought she could bond me with her two boars, Kiwi and Fluffy (she adopted them from a class room in June 2013). When she took me home, my humans quarantined me for three weeks in my cage. I got alone time in the playpen and enjoyed being free to run without worrying about a dog or cat getting me. After three weeks, she started bonding me with Kiwi and Fluffy. At first, things went well. After one week of playdates with the “big boars” (that’s what mom calls Kiwi and Fluffy), I moved in with Kiwi and Fluffy into their 2 x 7 c&c cage.

At first, things went well. The three of us got along fine. As I got to know the big boars, I wanted to play with them more and more. Well, they didn’t feel the same way. They did not appreciate my teenage energy and fun spirit. Kiwi really had a problem with me. He would rumble strut and chatter his teeth when I walked by, and finally he would charge at me. At first I let him “win,” but after a while, I needed to defend myself. My humans were always breaking up our fights. A few weeks ago, my human momma found clumps of Kiwi’s black fur in the cage. She was not sure whether Kiwi pulled out his own fur due to stress or if I pulled the fur off of Kiwi during a fight, but she was sure it was time for me to be moved from the big boars.

My old cage was reassembled and it was placed in the kitchen. I was sad for the first few days because I no longer lived in the c&c cage with Kiwi and Fluffy. My humans noticed my sadness and made sure to give me extra healthy treats (an extra piece of fruit, fresh basil) and extra floor time. After living on my own for two weeks, I am doing little zoomies in my cage and enjoying kitchen time with my human momma. I can see her when she is making our salads. I stand up on my back legs and give her “sad eyes,” and she runs over to give me scratchies or an extra treat. I am definitely a good human momma trainer! While my human dad sometimes talks about rehoming me so that I am not alone (something that makes me very, very sad), my human momma has told me she has no intention of letting me go. She might try to rebond me with the big boars when I get older or she just might let me live on my own and enjoy life as a solo pig. All I know is that I am happy no dogs or cats can eat me.

Spock: Veggies! Let me grb a snack, now that you reminded me. 😀 What is your favourite activity? And food?

Twinkie: My favorite activity is spending time in my playpen or free-ranging. I run really fast in big circles in the playpen and I enjoy kitchen floor time. I run back and forth between my human mom and my human teenager. They like it when I run in the kitchen. Fluffy and Kiwi do not like floor time; they stand their like statutes, so the humans really like it when I do zoomies in the kitchen.

Spock: He he! I understand you. I never sit still. Not even when I’m sleeping. 🙂 Tell us something funny about you?

Twinkie: I am the energizer pig, especially compared to Kiwi and Fluffy. My humans like to watch me do zoomies in my playpen, in the kitchen, and on the couch. I do not like to be still for long. There is so much exploring to do! I really like it when my humans scratch me from my nose to the top of my head. I rest my head on ground (the human momma calls this pancaking – is this bad?), close my eyes, and relax. It is one of the few times in the day when I am still.

Spock: And something funny about your humans?

Twinkie: My human dad gives me baby talk, even though I am a teenage pig, and my human momma gives the human teenager baby talk. The human teenager and I think the baby talk is really silly, but if it makes the human dad and human mom happy, we just put up with it. Human parents seem to want their two- and four-legged family members to be babies.

Spock: Anything else interesting?

Twinkie: I am the energizer pig of the family. My humans like to watch me do zoomies in my playpen, in the kitchen, and on the couch. I do not like to be still for long. There is so much exploring to do! I am also the only piggy in the house who likes to sit on my humans’ chests. Kiwi and Fluffy are nice lap pigs; I am a chest pig. Part of the reason I am a chest pick is because it gives me a better view of the TV. My human momma lets me sit on her chest and she gives me scratchies while we watch baseball games and comedies and news together. Yes, I like TV. Does that make me bad?

Spock: Thank you Twinkie for your honesty and for sharing your experience with us. I really hope your story will make some humans think more about their responsibilities when they accept taking care of a furry friend.

twinkie2Just Twinkie