A loooong week-end

guinea_pigs_tales_spock_profileThe human female spent four days at home! Four! And this gave her a lot of time to stress us too…

First, she was over stressed because of the contest in which Kirk was participating. We tried to tell her to keep it calm and that we were dealing with everything, but no! We were not even able to check regularly the contest album because she was holding hostage the laptop. Finally, on Saturday evening when the results should have been published, she went to sleep half an hour before. Of course she had a rough night not knowing for sure if Kirk was still on the third place. But I refused to wake her up and inform her…

Things being settled with Kirk, she put Data in a beauty contest also. Without asking us! Not that we have something against it, but we should have known in order to prepare a nice campaign.  Anyway, Data is competing against a Mademoiselle, which is not e very gentleman way to do things, but we leave in a jungle! So, now she stress over this also…

I think all this stress hit Worf because his fungus is back! He is a very sensitive stubborn piggy… The human female analysed him and she is almost betting he has ringworm, which means treatment for all of us and I really do not enjoy this. Plus, he doesn’t want to eat hay so his poop is still lose so the human had to go out and pick fresh grass from the little garden that is in front of our building. I just hope the old neighbour downstairs won’t call the police.

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell what she has done to me… She grabbed me and got me in to the bathroom where she placed me in the sink in a towel and scrubbed my butt. She wanted to clean my grease gland and the fur around it, but I fought so fiercely that she only did half of the job.

I couldn’t find the cable (strange, I don’t remember chewing on it) to download some nice pictures with us from the week-end, so no amazing photos today… But I promise we will have a special post only with photos this week.


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