Human, give me back my hay!

spock_profile_2I am mad! Or crazy! Or whatever… And it’s just because this hf drives me crazy. But let me tell you why.

So, we love the hay. To eat or to play in it, we need to have hay. We get it twice per day and usually half of the ratio is eaten and half is used for other purposes. No, we don’t smoke it! Or at least we don’t admit doing it. What else can you do with the hay except chewing it?! Well, Data and me particularly like to pull it down and sleep on top of it.

But the hf thinks it gets filthy and insists in removing the pad every evening and cleaning the hay pile. I have no clue where she gets this idea that the pile of hay gets stinky! It is true that we pee and poop on top of it, but this is no valid argument for the accusation. Moreover, I thought that if she would be busy with the baby, she would forget about this and we would get to keep our “dirty hay”.

Why am I mad about this?! Because every evening, when I would prefer going to sleep on top of my hay pile, I must spend precious time pulling the hay down. OK, Data does help me, but still I consume calories. And i don’t like being accused of filthiness.

But I’ll prove you with photos! First the pile right before she removes it.


Next, one of us on top of the hay. Do we look stinky?!


Just because I’m convinced I’m right, I’ve asked Data to put together a video. Maybe the hf will watch it and learn something!

I think I’ll send her to see a shrink!


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