The first harvest

spock_profile_2We’ve told you at some point that we have a little yard where the hf planted grass just for us. She tried hard to have a nice lawn but after few attempts she realized it is almost impossible because our back yard is in the shadow. Still there is a nice space with long grass.

The plan was that from time to time we would get to go out and trim the lawn. Unfortunately, the weather in Belgium is not very suitable for this, especially that we are used with a dry home and a nice temperature. It is raining a lot and the soil is wet. Moreover, we are afraid we’ll get super dirty.

So, we have grass but no access to it. What can be done? Especially when there is a baby in the house and she sticks to the hf like she is glued or something. We almost lost any hope of tasting that grass in the next few months. Until two days ago!

Apparently this baby likes guinea pigs because at some point she decided to give a break to the hf. This way our faithful servant got 20 minutes to go out, cut some grass and bring it to us for dinner. Of course we’ve asked for photos! And this is what she caught on camera.



I must admit: the grass is good. We are waiting for the next portion.


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