Couch potatoes

worf_profile_2We have a problem! Our humans are turning in to some couch potatoes. I don’t like this because I am afraid they will get fat and have issues moving and bringing us food and we’ll stop being their favourite entertainment. But let me tell how this happened…

Until recently there was no TV in our house. And the hf was always saying that we were sufficient for her and no other form of entertainment was needed. But apparently the hm felt differently and one month ago brought the plague to our home.

First the hf was not at all impressed with the monster and barely turned it on for days. She kept using her laptop to help us administrate the Facebook page and to deal with our blog, but the TV was out of her zone of interest. Just that recently things started to change…

Being forced to spend a lot of time on the couch and her hands busy with the baby; she discovered that the TV was an easy way to pass the time. And she started watching some addictive TV series. Like it is not enough that she wakes up late and goes to bed early, now the left hours from a regular day are spent watching some silly TV shows that don’t even refer to Guinea Pigs.

I go to the corner of my pen, look at her and ask for my pellets and she is completely ignoring me. This is outrageous! Moreover, she doesn’t spend enough time petting Kirk. And this is not all! The hm moved to Spock’s couch because the angle is better to watch TV and now our white pal is a little bit upset. The only one of us not affected by the TV’s presence in our house seems to be Data. But this is not relevant as he is never complaining of anything.

So, now we need a plan to get back their attention… We will be plotting while they are watching TV because I’m sure they won’t notice. Any ideas of what could we do?

By the way, this is my plotting face:



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